Ali Net Tablet

• Ali Net Tablet: Antibacterial used to treat Urinary Tract Infections.
• Effective remedy for quick recovery of bladder infections & severe abdominal pain.
• Unique combination of Metronidazole & Ornidazole.

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Composition Ali Net Tablet

• Acetaminophen 500mg
• Paracetamol 325mg
• Pseudoephedrine HCl 30MG
• Chlorpheniramine maleate 2mg


• Store at room temperature.
• Keep in a cool place.
• Keep away from direct sunlight.

Product information

• AliNet Tablet is a non-prescription medicine used to relieve mild to moderate pain and reduce fever.
• It is a combination of two medicines (paracetamol and acetaminophen) and an ingredient called antihistamine (chlorpheniramine maleate). It also contains an ingredient called Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, which is used to lessen irritation in the nose or throat.


• AliNet Tablet is often used for some types of pain including muscle aches, headache, toothache, menstrual cramps, and arthritis pain.
• It can also help reduce fever associated with the common cold or flu.


• AliNet Tablets provide relief from pain due to various factors such as arthritis as well as feverish feeling associated with colds and flus.
• The combination of new ingredients along with paracetamol helps provide faster relief than other similar drugs available over the counter.

Side effects

• Common Side Effects May Include Drowsiness, Nausea, Headache And Stomach Upset – These side effects are usually mild and short-lived in nature.

However, contact your doctor if side effects persist beyond this the prescribed dose/short period of time or if you experience any more serious side effects such as vomiting, dizziness or skin rash etc., associated with use of this medicine.

How it works?

• AliNet tablets contain Paracetamol which blocks chemical signals in the brain that cause body temperature to rise leading to relief from fever; Acetaminophen works against body inflammation thereby reducing some pains that arise due to inflammation;

Chlorpheniramine maleate inhibits histamine activity leading to reduction in cold symptoms; Pseudoeffedrine hydrochloride reduces blockage or obstruction in the nasal passages thus relieving one from stuffy noses caused by colds & flus.


Q1) Will taking more AliNet Tablet make me better faster?

A1) No – it is best to take only the recommended dosage as prescribed by your physician depending on your severity & age cluster bracket. Overconsumption can cause severe side effects/ toxic implications within one’s health system that would never be desirable or safe every time!

Q2) Is it true that having multiple doses of AliNet Tablet causes any negative effect?

A2) Absolutely not! According to recent studies conducted for safety approval & regulation standards set by National Drug Regulatory Authority (NDRA), multiple doses can be taken safely however consultation with clinical/ medical advise must be taken before moving ahead with multiple( consecutive ) doses of same medicines