Ascoril Flu ML Syrup

•Ascoril Flu ML Syrup: relieves cold & flu symptoms.
•Targets sore throat, runny nose & chest congestion.
•Powerful herbal-mineral formula for fast, effective relief.

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• Composition:

It is a combination of medicines like Levosalbutamol, Phenylephrine and Guaiphenesin.

• Storage:

Store at room temperature away from direct light and moisture

• Product Information:

Ascoril Flu ML Syrup is an expectorant widely used for relieving wet cough. This syrup also gets used in the treatment of symptoms such as chest congestion and excess mucus in the lungs due to colds, flu or sinusitis.

• Uses:

Ascoril Flu ML Syrup helps to reduce painful breathing, clear nasal passages, stop coughing and moisten throat irritation.

It can be used to treat season based allergies, air pollution induced allergies, post nasal drip or rhinorrhea caused by cold or allergies.

• Benefits:

When taken as suggested by a doctor or pharmacist, this cough syrup can help reduce coughing, sore throat and muscles aches.

It helps to loosen mucus from the lungs making it easier for a person to breathe more easily. This medicine provides quicker relief from uncomfortable colds and allergies symptoms like sneezing, itching eyes etc.

• Side effects:

In some cases people experience drowsiness or tiredness so caution while driving is necessary when taking this medicine.

Other common side effects are headache, dizziness and upset stomach etc however these may be mild for most people depending on individual body condition.

• How it works

Ascoril Flu ML Syrup contains both mucolytic (breaks down mucous) and bronchodilator (helps open up blocked airways) ingredients.

That work together to relieve chest congestions & control wet cough effectively in adults as well as children above 6 years old age


Q1) What is Ascoril Flu ML Syrup?

Ans) Ascoril Flu ML Syrup is an expectorant mixture that helps relieve wet coughand reduces chest congestion due to colds or other respiratory ailments like allergic rhinitis etc .

Q2) Who can use this medicine?

Ans) Adults as well as children above 6 years of age can take this medicine with consultation of physician or child specialist doctor after considering their physical condition carefully