A to Z Gold Capsule

• A to Z Gold: Contains 28 essential vitamins & minerals for complete body nutrition.
• Improves physical performance & boosts immunity from common illnesses.
• A daily supplement for adults to maintain optimal health & vitality.

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Composition A to Z Gold Capsule

• A to Z Gold Capsule includes a number of vital minerals, like iodine, copper, magnesium, selenium, iron, zinc etc.
• It also includes vitamins A, B6 B12 D C E K and Folic Acid.
• Each capsule contains 350 mg element containing natural ingredients.


• Store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
• Keep away from children’s reach out of sight and range.

Product Information

• A2Z Gold capsule is made up of a number of valuable minerals such as iodine ,copper ,magnesium ,selenium ,iron ,zinc etc as well as the vitamins A B6 B12 D C E K and folic acid.


• A2Z Gold capsules is useful for preventing deficiency diseases such as goiter, anemia, scurvy and other ailments associated with deficiencies due to its richness in vital minerals and vitamins .


• It helps improve Immune system functionality by providing necessary minerals to the body .
• It is rich in anti-oxidants which help to fight against free radicals that might be causing damage to cells .

Side Effects

• Although Rarely reported but This Medicine may cause stomach upset or acid reflux if not taken accordingly by following instructions given by a doctor.

How it Works? ­­­­­

• When consumed orally , these tablets dissolve slowly within the body releasing their important nutrients into bloodstream & throughout the body to restore body balance & nutrition levels for optimal functioning .


• How quickly do the capsules work?

The capsules start working within 30 minutes after consumption once it gets absorbed into the bloodstreams from gastrointestinal tract.

• What are side effects of taking this Medication?

There are no major side effects of this medication but mild stomach upset can occur if not taken according to the prescribed directions given by your doctor or health care provider .