Chymoral AP Tablet

• Chymoral AP Tablet:A medicine to provide pain relief from rheumatic conditions.
• Contains paracetamol and dichloralphenazone as active ingredients.
• Imparts anti-inflammatory and antipyretic actions to control the symptoms.

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Chymoral AP Tablet Composition

• 500 mg Paracetamol
• 90 mg Chlorpheniramine maleate


• Store at 20°C to 25°C
• Bulk Storage – Avoid direct sunlight Product information:

Chymoral AP Tablet is a combination of two medicines: Paracetamol and Chlorpheniramine. These tablets are used for treating symptoms associated with different types of infections, cold, flu, allergies and other respiratory tract inflammations. It helps in relieving fever, cough, headaches, runny nose and pain caused due to exertion.

Uses & Benefits:

• Treatment of cough, colds and allergies caused by dust or any other airborne particles
• Reducing fever associated with common infections such as flu or cold

Side effects:

The most commonly reported side effects when taking Chymoral AP Tablet include dizziness; dryness in nasal passages; skin rash; loss of appetite; fatigue; insomnia; blurred vision; nausea or constipation. Less common side effects include problems with breathing or wheezing; abnormal weakness or drowsiness.

How it works?

Chymoral AP Tablet contains two active ingredients. Paracetamol acts on the brain’s temperature control centre increasing the heat loss through the skin hence causing reduction in body temperature during feverish conditions. Chlorpheniramine blocks histamines which cause inflammation in the airways resulting in improved lung functioning during coughing and infection symptoms related to airway inflammation.

Both drugs together offer faster relief from running nose/allergy symptoms as well as help control cough associated with infections like flu.


Q1) How long do I have to take the tablets for?

A1) The duration for which you need to take Chymoral AP Tablets depends on your response towards the treatment and severity of your condition monitored by your doctor’s advise. Usually it is taken for one week unless advised otherwise by your healthcare provider .

Q2) With what other medicine should not be taken along with ?

A2) You must inform your doctor if you are taking any dietary supplements, vitaminsor pre-existing medication prescribed to you over-the-counter drugs beforetaking this medicine so that he can guide you if there is an interaction between these medicines and any potential drug interactions may occur due to their simultaneous consumption can be avoided