Concor Cor Tablet

• Concor Cor Tablet- a hypertension medication helping to control high bp.
• Treats chest pain, also prevents heart attack & stroke.
• Contains Amlodipine and Atorvastatin as active ingredients.

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Composition Concor Cor Tablet

• Tablets contains bisoprolol fumarate in the form of 10mg or 5mg. These tablets are used to reduce high blood pressure.


• Store this medicine away from children and pets; keep it at a room temperature between 25oC and 30oC. Do not refrigerate, freeze or expose to direct heat or sunlight, as it may cause weariness or break down the medicine quickly.

Product Information-

• Tablet: Each round-shaped tablet is white with concor embossed on one side. The available doses are 10mg and 5mg.


• Concor Cor Tablet is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). It helps lower blood pressure by widening the blood vessels so that your heart does not have to work as hard and hence lessening the strain on it.


• High Blood Pressure: Concor Cor tablets help decrease high blood pressure (hypertension), which can lead to an improved quality of life, including better social integration, feeling better physically, mentally alert, and full of vitality.

Side Effects-

• Common: Uneasiness, dizziness, diarrhea, dry mouth, tiredness, etc may appear in some cases due to intake of Concor Cor tablet..

How It Works?

• Bisoprolol Fumarate contained in Concor Cor tablet works by relaxing/widening arteries thus improving blood supply while largely limiting conduction ability through the heart’s muscle cells as well as slowing down heartbeat rate;

This improves oxygen flow throughout the body leading to decreased strain on our cardiovascular system thus lowering hypertension levels effectively.


Q1) Are there any warnings associated with taking Concor Cor Tablet?

A1) Yes definitely; patients should refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages/substances during treatment since doing so may prove detrimental for them healthwise; also exercising regularly and regularly changing sleep patterns are highly recommended during treatment with this tablet for best results.

Q2) How long will it take for me to see improvement after taking ConcoriCor Tablet?

A2) Generally speaking most people tend observe improvements in their condition within first two weeks; however certain cases can take longer depending upon individual conditions.