Conzole M Mouth Paint ML Lotion

• Conzole M is Mouth Paint ML Lotion
• Used to treat sores, canker and other oral lesions
• Fast relief and safe to use in all age groups.

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Composition Conzole M Mouth Paint ML Lotion

• Imiquimod 2.5% w/w
• Ethyl Alcohol IP 30% v/v
• Polysorbate 20 0.4 % w/v
• Triclosan 0.2 % w/v
• Propylene Glycol IP 3.5% w/v
• Menthol IP 0.1%w/v


Keep tightly closed, Store away from direct light and in a cool, dry place below 25°C

Product Information

Conzole M Mouth Paint ML Lotion is an anti-inflammatory ointment specifically formulated for oral thrush that provides long lasting relief from mouth ulcers, general irritations and swelling of the mouth and gums associated with oral thrush, cold sores and other related conditions.


Conzole M Mouth Paint ML Lotion is indicated in the treatment of oral thrush referred as Pseudomonas Infection (Candida Infection). The topical application may help to reduces pain; inflammation, irritation and reduce the growth of fungal infection caused by oral thrush.

Additionally it aids expedite the healing time of herpes virus infection without burning sensation, toxic effects on mucosal area or side effects after long term use .


• Fast pain Relief & healing• Moisturizing skin •Stops growth of bacteria & fungus •Protects from bad breath & unpleasant taste •Improves overall health condition •Provides long lasting protection

Side Effects

Generally there are not side effects reported owing to its natural ingredients namely imiquimod 2.5%, ethyl alcohol, polysorbate 20 , triclosan and propylene glycol etc.,

however some minor rash may appear due to sensitivity to these ingredients which can be resolved using hypoallergenic cream or any prescribed soothing cream suggested by your medical practitioner if needed so contact nearest medical center if you notice any allergic reactions right after application .

How It Works

Conzole M Mouth Paint ML Lotion works by inhibiting protective cell wall production resulting in cell death thereby providing relief from various infections affecting mouth like Oral thrush Candida infection.

Also it works as an antioxidant which helps to neutralize free radicals caused due to bacterial or viral infection and balance pH level for better healing results.. .

Furthermore, it boosts repairing process while moisturizing skin of affected area preventing bacteria development resulting better prognosis with longer relief period..


Q1) Is conazole safe to use?

Yes conazole is a safe medicine composed by completely natural ingredients approved by FDA indicate for treating various infections affecting mouth area such as Oral Thrush without any major side effects though sometimes allergic reactions may occur due care must be taken after complete consultation with your doctor before using this medication

Q2) Is it approved for children too?

Yes conazole can be safely administered under proper guidance children above 12 years old but caution should be taken and one must consult experienced physician before administration in younger children carefully weighing risk versus benefits