Cefakind Tablet

• Feronia XT Tablet: relief from insomnia & anxiety in 75 characters.
• It improves sleep quality, relieves agitation & tension with max efficacy.
• Increases alertness & quality of life without side effects.

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Composition Cefakind Tablet

• It is a combination of two active ingredients – Ferrous Fumarate and Folic Acid.
• The tablet also contains microcrystalline cellulose, lactose monohydrate, sodium carboxy methyl starch, colloidal anhydrous silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate and food grade talc as inactive ingredients.


• Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Product Information:

• Feronia XT Tablet is a prescription medicine used for the prevention and treatment of Iron deficiency anemia (IDA)in pregnant women.


• This medication helps reduce iron deficiency by replenishing the body with essential minerals.
• It helps restore the body’s natural balance of iron required for red blood cell production.

Side Effects:

• Some of the common side effects of Feronia XT Tablet may include nausea, vomiting diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain etc.

How it works:

• Feronia XT Tablet contains two active ingredients that help to replenish iron levels in pregnant women who are suffering from Iron Deficiency Anemia(IDA). • The first ingredient ferrous fumarate helps increase levels of haemoglobin which is required for carrying oxygen throughout the body efficiently.

• The second ingredient folic acid in this medicine helps in producing healthy red blood cells (RBC’s)that allow your body to store sufficient oxygen more effectively leading to a decrease in symptoms associated with IDA like tiredness & fatigue .

FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. Is it safe to take this medicine during pregnancy?

Ans- Yes this is completely safe to use during pregnancy under doctor’s supervision as it does not cause any harm or discomfort to pregnant women or unborn baby at all times .

However it’s important to consult your doctor before consuming any kind of medication when you are pregnant .

Q2. What should I do if I have missed a dose ?

Ans- You should take your dose as soon as possible if you remember about the missed dose, but make sure that it does not interfere with your next scheduled dose .

However if you have already reached near your next prescribed time period for taking the pill then skip that dose altogether and continue your regular dosing schedule from there onwards .