Gatilox DM Eye ML Drop

-Gatilox DM Eye ML Drop:
-Eases irritation & inflammation of eye.
-Contains dexamethasone & moxifloxacin.
-Treats conjunctivitis, keratitis & other infections.

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• Composition Gatilox DM Eye ML Drop

Gatilox DM Eye Drop contains 0.3% of Moxifloxacin HCI and 0.1% Gatifloxacin as the active ingredients and benzalkonium chloride, boric acid, edetate disodium dihydrate, NaOH (for pH adjustment), purified water, and sorbitol solution 70%.

• Storage:

Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place away from direct sunlight. Do not store in the reach of children.

• Product Information:

The main composition of Gatilox DM Eye Drops is a combination of two powerful antibiotics that belong to the quinolone family.

They are moxifloxacin hydrochloride 0.3% w/v ( 3 mg per ml) and gatifloxacin 0.1 % w/v ( 1 mg per ml). They work together to effectively combat infections caused by bacteria.

• Uses:

The primary usage of Gatilox DM Eye Drops is to treat bacterial conjunctivitis caused due to external infection, eye ulceration, superficial corneal ulcerations associated with redness and pain etc..

It may also be used before ocular surgery as antiseptic prophylaxis in order to reduce microbial contamination after surgical procedures like cataract extraction or other intraocular surgeries .

• Benefits:

This medication helps get rid of infection-causing bacteria present on your eyeball’s surface while also preventing infection from developing further.

In turn, this will improve your vision significantly by eliminating redness, irritation, pain associated with certain conditions while also making it easier for you to go about your daily activities without any discomfort or blurred vision.

• Side Effects:

Generally speaking it’s best not to use any medicine if you are suffering from any medical condition unless specifically suggested by your doctor but some potential side effects could include headache, nausea, vomiting, somnolence etc..

Additionally there could be an alteration in visual acuity which can lead to transient blurriness or lack of sharpness in vision when first applying this medication so caution should be taken upon doing so .

• How It Works :

Gatilox DM Eye Drops combines two different antibiotic medications Moxifloxacin Hydrocchloride & Gatifloaxcin which both disrupt specific processes within bacterial cells .

Moxyfloxacin works by suppressing bacterial DNA synthesis due its interaction with target DNA gyrases & topoisomerases whereas Gatifloxin targets some important proteins responsible for bacterial division called cell wall synthesis enzymes .

By interfering with these processes Gatil oxDM successfully stops bacteria from multiplying thus reducing its presence on the eye’s surface allowing your body’s immune system take charge clearing up the infection

•FAQs :

Q1) What type of Ocular Infections does gatil oxDm eye drops treat ?

A1)Gatil oxDM eye drops effectively treats Bacterial Conjunctivitis ,Superficial Corneal Ulcers , Eyelid margin infections as well as Preoperative preparation for Ocular[] Surgery .

Q2)How Much time does one need to wait until my eyes start feeling better?

A2)Although results may vary depending on severity & nature of infection generally one begins noticing improvement within 1-3 days following administration although it may extend longer for more stubborn cases