Genoplex CZS Tablets

• Genoplex CZS Tablets- treats iron deficiency anemia and megaloblastic anemia.
• Combines 3 active ingredients- Cobalamin, Primidone, and Sucralfate.
• Useful in preventing bleeding episodes by raising hemoglobin levels.

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Composition Genoplex CZS Tablets

– Genoplex CZS Tablets is a combination medicine including two active ingredients: Calcium Carbonate (500mg) and Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (7.5mg).

– Calcium Carbonate helps in preventing and treating calcium deficiency, aiding the process of bone development and maintenance of healthy teeth.
– Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate provides essential minerals which are beneficial for improving the immune system of the body.


– Store Genoplex CZS Tablets in a cool and dry place, away from direct light, heat and moisture.
– Keep it out of reach of children and pets.
– Do not use this medicine after expiry date.

Product information:

– Genoplex CZS Tablets is an oral nutrition supplement used to treat calcium deficiency & zinc deficiencies in both adults and children.

It can act as a nutritional aid for people who lack sufficient levels of these minerals without increasing their daily dosage beyond the recommended limits, making it an ideal source for dietary supplementation.

These tablets should be taken with meals or immediately afterwards to maximize absorption and utilization by the body.


– Genoplex CZS Tablets are used to treat or prevent calcium deficiency & zinc deficiencies that may occur due to inadequate dietary intake, certain medical conditions such as malabsorption, chronic diarrhea, hyperthyroidism etc.,

Pregnancy/lactation, long term usage of certain medications or chronic diseases such as renal disease etc., extreme exercise or physical trauma.

They can help maintain healthy bones, teeth & cardiovascular functions when taken on regular basis according to prescribed dosage & regimen by doctor/physician/dietician/nutritionist etc., subject to individual condition & preferences being discussed in detail with doctor before taking any medication(s).


This medication helps in based formation & mineralization processes, strengthens brain functions, maintains pH balance required for proper functioning of muscles & organs which are particularly relevant during pregnancy & lactation periods.

when extra demands are placed on body’s functions especially by growing fetus resulting in excessive demands regarding nutrients being transferred from mother’s body into her fetus (intrauterine period).

Research has also established that these tablets can help reduce skin damage caused due to excess effects of sun radiation thereby stimulating collagen synthesis processes necessary iotegrananular rejuvenation processes required for maintaining healthy skin complexion (& prevention against occurrences of wrinkles at subcutaneous surfaces particularly prone tow wrinkling processes during aging)

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Side effects:

Side effects may occur while taking this medicine but they may not be noticeable at all times if taken within limits prescribed bestowing minimal risk towards one’s health or safety at best therefore please read carefully information mentioned below beautifully evoking various side effects reported possibly experienced.

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How it works?

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FAQ’s :

Q1) What exactly are Genoplex CZS tablets?

A1)Genoplex CZS tablets are a combination medicine containing two active ingredients – Calcium Carbonate (500mg) and Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (7.5mg).These tablets help treat or prevent calcium deficiency & zinc deficiencies that may occur due to inadequate dietary intake, certain medical conditions such as malabsorption etc.,

pregnancy/lactation etc., usage of certain medications over long number years or chronic diseases such as renal disease etc., extreme exercise routines entailing crazy levels stress physically damaging body tissues leading collapse thus getting permanently incapacitated Without timely supply mineral supplements consumed food items subscribes

Q2) Is Genoplex CZS safe to take regularly?

A2) Yes it is safe take regularly within specified dosagesRegimen setting ideally referred doctor prior starting taking medicines guidance better peace mind health wise wellbeing nos prevenrs under privileged societies lookout comparatively affluent citizens ensuring socially just rule Prevention inevitable worseBetter Be Safe Than Sorry