Glucoryl M Forte Tablet

• Glucoryl M Forte tablet: Oral hypoglycemic drug containing Gliclazide & Metformin.

• Acts on Pancreas & Liver to control blood sugar level in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus.
• Helps maintain healthy levels of insulin and reduce glucose production from liver.

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Composition Glucoryl M Forte Tablet

• Metformin Hydrocloride BP 1000mg
• Glibenclamide BP 5mg
• Rosiglitazone Maleate IP 4mg


Store in a cool and dry place at or below 25 °C. Product Information: A unique combination of drugs used to treat diabetes, Glucoryl M Forte Tablet is manufactured by Zydus Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Glucoryl M Forte Tablet is used for the treatment of type-2 diabetes mellitus, which does not respond well to other forms of medication. The drug works by reducing glucose production in the liver and increasing insulin production in the pancreas. It helps to control blood sugar levels and improve overall health.


The main benefit of this tablet is that it helps regulate the body’s glucose levels, which may reduce the risk of serious long-term complications associated with diabetes.

Additionally, this drug has been seen to improve glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes who are currently on oral hypoglycemic therapy that cannot be stopped.

Side Effects

Though Glucoryl M Forte Tablet is generally considered to be safe when taken as prescribed by your doctor, it can cause some mild side effects such as dizziness, nausea and abdominal discomfort.

If these symptoms worsen or do not go away on their own after a few days of taking the medicine then you should speak to your doctor about it.

How it Works

Glucoryl M Forte Tablet works by combining two antidiabetic medications into one tablet; Metformin Hydrochloride and Glibenclamide get absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly than if each were taken separately, aiding in quicker relief from diabetic complications.


How long can I take Glucoryl M Forte Tablets ?

A – You should always consult your doctor first before deciding how long to use any medication for since everyone responds differently but generally this tablets can be taken for up to 6 months with no known risks or side effects when taken as prescribed by your physician .

Q – Can Glucoryl M Forte Tablets raise my Blood sugar ?

A – While this medicine may help lower blood sugar levels overall, any sudden changes such as increased physical activity or an illness could still spike blood sugar levels temporarily and so regular monitoring should still be done during treatment with this tablet.