Myolaxin GM Oint

– Myolaxin GM Ointment: complete; pain relief.
– Reduces inflammation & muscle spasms.
– Helps faster healing of sprains & sports injuries.

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Composition Myolaxin GM Oint

Myolaxin GM Ointment is a proprietary herbal ointment composed of natural coconut oil and a blend of herbs.


Store at room temperature, away from moisture and direct light.

Product information:

Myolaxin GM Ointment is an ayurvedic ointment for muscle pain relief. It helps relieve pain and swelling in the muscles, joints and tendons due to sprains, strains or other musculoskeletal injuries.

The ointment combines the healing properties of herbal extracts to provide fast relief from muscle pain.


Myolaxin GM Ointment is used for its natural anesthetic action that helps in relieving pain and tenderness associated with joint and muscular issues like lumbago, sciatica, sprains & strains etc.

This product can be used in all age groups but should be used keeping in mind the weight of the person.

It is best applied on affected areas after taking bath or shower and lightly massaged into affected area for maximum benefit.


Myolaxin GM Ointment has a number of benefits that help improve mobility, reduce stiffness, reduce inflammation & relax muscles & joints while providing long lasting relief from pain & discomfort caused by muscle strain and soft tissue injuries.

Side effects:

As this preparation is composed completely of natural ingredients it does not pose any serious side effects when used appropriately as per directions given on product label or instructions given by health care provider.

However excessive use may cause temporary redness or irritation at site of application which can usually be avoided by avoiding overuse or shortening duration between applications as instructed by medical professional if consulted about same issue .

How it works:

Myolaxin GM Ointment contains powerful herbs that have anti-inflammatory & analgesic (pain relieving) properties which allow them to penetrate deep down into the skin layers

through pores provided direct relief from aches & pains directly at source thus proving far more effective than oral pain killers as they specifically target affected areas with localized action instead of spreading throughout body like tablets consumed orally might do .

This mechanism also contributes towards speeding up healing process as well thus providing long-lasting relief from issues such as strains/sprains etc .

FAQs :

Q1 : How to apply Myolaxin GM Ointment ?

A1 : Myolaxin GM Ointment should preferably be applied after warm bathing/showering when surfaces are still warmly damp so that absorption can increase but even then it can be applied directly with gentle massage until completely absorbed into skin layers .

Q2 : Are there any precautions one must take while using this ointment ?

A2 : Yes , excess application or avoidance of doctor consultation if symptoms persist beyond certain point should be strictly avoided apart form general precautionary measures such as maintaining hands cleanliness before applying ointment over affected area to prevent transmission / spread inffections etc .