Natrilam Tablet

1. Natrilam Tablet: Calcium channel blocker used to treat hypertension & angina.
2. Also used for preventing or treating atrial fibrillation & stroke.
3. May cause constipation, dizziness & headache; monitor for adverse effects.

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Composition Natrilam Tablet

• Natrilam Tablet contains Lamotrigine as an active ingredient.
• It also contains Lactose (80 mg),Magnesium Stearate (8 mg) and Microcrystalline Cellulose (160 mg).


• Store Natrilam Tablet at room temperature, away from direct light and moisture.
• Do not store this medicine in the bathroom or other damp places.
• Keep it away from children and pets.

Product Information:

• Natrilam Tablet is a form of antiepileptic medication.
• It works by reducing sudden electrical activities in the brain, which helps to control seizures.


• Natrilam Tablet is used to control epileptic seizures in adults, adolescents and children aged above 3 years.


• It helps in controlling seizures caused by epilepsy.
• This medicine can be combined with other drugs that are being taken for controlling seizure-related disorders.

Side effects:

• Some common side effects of Natrilam Tablet include headache, blurred vision, dizziness, convulsions, nausea and rash on the skin or mouth area.

How it works?

Natrilam Tablet is an anticonvulsant medicine which helps to control seizures by reducing sudden electrical activities in the brain which causes epileptic seizures and related conditions .

The exact mechanism behind this activity of lamotrinine is not known yet but it is believed to work by inhibiting neuronal voltage gated sodium channels thereby increasing frequency of action potentials resulting ultimately regulating excessive neuronal firing caused during a seizure episode .

It may also act on glutamate receptors leading to modulation of excitatory signals passed between neurons helping to reduce hyperexcitability associated with epilepsy by creating a balance between dopaminergic and glutaminergic system involved in regulation of electrical impulse flow among neurons required for proper learning memory & cognitive functions .

FAQs :

Q1) How long does it take for Natrilam Tablets to work?

Ans: Natrilam Tablets take anywhere from one week up to two months for its full effect. Thus depends on various factors like severity of the condition ,long duration when condition has been present etc . Usually first signs are seen usually within 4 weeks time .

Q2) Is there any risk for seizures while using Natrilam Tablets ?

Ans: Yes ,although taking this tablet may actually reduce your risk if having serious seizure episodes but still there is risk that there could be breakthrough seizure episodes even after taking regular dosage according K prescribed dose schedule so should never stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor first .