Polybion LC ML Syrup

-Polybion LC ML Syrup: multivitamin, mineral & lysine preparation.
-Supplies essential vitamins & minerals to fulfill the body’s need.
-Improves physical mobility, intellect and long term health in adults.

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Composition Polybion LC ML Syrup

• Vitamin B1- 20 mg
• Vitamin B2- 10 mg
• Niacinamide- 50 mg
• Dexpanthenol- 5mg
• Folic Acid- 1.5mg


Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.
Product Information: Polybion LC ML Syrup is an easy to swallow multivitamin syrup that helps strengthen the antioxidative system, improve immunity levels and nourish the body against infections.

It is formulated with a powerful combination of vitamins like B1, B2, Niacinamide, Dexpanthenol and Folic Acid. This syrup is suitable for both children and adults.


Polybion LC ML Syrup helps maintain healthy levels of vitamins in the body which are essential for proper functioning of multiple organs including brain, heart, eye etc. It also helps improve immunity levels while ensuring optimal health throughout life’s many stages.

Finally it helps strengthens the antioxidant capacity of your body making you less susceptible to infections providing effective safety measure against several viruses and bacteria.


• Improves overall energy levels in the body leading to improved productivity.
• Helps provide protection from common conditions like infection, fever etc
• Improves skin health by providing essential nutrients to help repair damaged cells leading to fresher looking skin

Side Effects

The natural formulation of Polybion LC ML Syrup provides minimal side effects however some may experience allergies or mild headaches upon consumption due to individual sensitivity towards its contents such as vitamins or flavorings used .

Therefore if any symptoms persist seek medical advice immediately .
How it Works : All its ingredients are designed with synergistic actions which ensures optimal absorption when taken together .

This combination helps fortify all systems in the body resulting in improved cell metabolism , enhanced immune response as well as complementing accelerated nutrient uptake that encourages better growth among other substantial benefits .


Q1) How should I store Polybion LC ML Syrup?
A1) Store this medicine away from direct sunlight in a cool , dry place at temperatures below 30°C

Q2) Is it suitable for pregnant women?
A2) Yes but make sure to consult a doctor before taking this drug in such periods.