Rabez Tablet

– Rabez Tablet: anti-inflammatory & antipyretic medication.
– Used to treat fever, headache and body pains.
– Healing process accelerated with its powerful ingredients.

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 Composition Rabez Tablet

it is composed of Rabeprazole Sodium IP equivalent to Rabeprazole 20 mg.


stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat

Product information

Rabez Tablet is a branded generic medicine used in the treatment of acidity, heartburns, and ulcers. This medicine reduces the intensity and helps in breaking the cycle of heartburns and other related problems. It comes in a pack of 10 tablets.


Rabez Tablet is used to provide relief from conditions related to too much stomach acid such as heartburns, reflux, or indigestion.


• Reduces symptoms associated with heartburns like burning sensation behind the breastbone.
• Prevents