Relaxyl Gel GM Gel

•Relaxyl Gel GM Gel: topical analgesic for soothing relief.
•Aids muscle strain & joint pain relieving symptoms such as tenderness & stiffness.
•Can also be used to treat fibromyalgia, arthritis & carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Composition Relaxyl Gel GM Gel

• Menthol 0.3%w/v and Methylsalicylate 10%w/v


• Store in a cool and dry place at not more than 25°C. Protect from heat, light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Information:

• Relaxyl Gel GM is a topical analgesic in the form of gel available for external application to provide relief from minor aches & pains.
• Relaxyl Gel GM consists natural active ingredients Menthol (0.3%) w/v & Methylsalicylate (10%) w/v which can provide maximum relief from pain within minutes as well as deliver long lasting relief up to 8 hours with one single application.

• Relaxyl GelGM is an ideal rubefacient gel, which helps to relieve muscle pain, providing soothing warmth quickly on application due to localized metabolism after absorption through skin & pimple swelling pain with its combined action of Menthol & methyl salicylates vapors inside skin layers.

Where it works at easy ratio availability in biochemical structure attract every molecules which gets excreted & Moderate irritation Iover supra pustular areas nearby bum or sunburn issues are also managed very quickly with the effect of this topical formulation relaxStretchyd Gel GM quickly resolves all such like underlying concerns also via getting absorbed inside body surfaces actives ingredient causes cooling sensation .


• Relaxyl Gel GM is intended for relief from muscular aches, strains and sprains due to over-exertion; associated joint stiffness; arthritic or rheumatic conditions; lumbago; fibrositis; neuralgia; headaches and backaches

Benefits :

• Provides quick a relief form muscles pain – Up to 8 hours duration of action on one single application
• Rapidly absorbed by skin tissues without any issue en-route even on sensitive skins detected portions

• Concentrated Menthol odour allows deep permeation into tissue joints mussel fiber membranes and bones complexities effectively .

• Generated hydroscopic vapours present menthol alongwithTenoxicamalso helps resolve chest congestion symptoms clogged nose blockages quickens up removal process

• Cold Israelli technique ensures speed relaxation features within seconds only after applyinggel methodologies

Side Effects :

• Possible mild itching or burning sensations • Stinging feeling around specially affected superficial itching • Redness occurs post usage but tends go decreasing over next 15min interval after use itself

FAQs :

Q1) How long Relaxgyl LIQUID will take affect ?

A1) On one single application it may provide your sensation controlmanagemnt upfora duration of 8hours approximately

Q2) Who should not use this medicine ?

A2) Pregnant women who are expecting give birth anytime soon must avoid using Processing Relaxgyl LIQUID ibueas possibleo way.