Tribet Tablet

• Tribet tablet: Cures convulsions, restlessness & anxiety.
• Contains active ingredient Chlordiazepoxide to help relax brain & nerves.
• Also aids in reducing symptoms of withdrawal of alcohol & drugs.

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Composition Tribet Tablet

Tribet Tablet contains Tribulus Terrestris Extract as an active ingredient.


Keep this medicine in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Store it in its original packaging. Do not refrigerate.

Product Information:

Tribet Tablet is an herbal supplement which contains Tribulus Terrestris Extract. It helps to increase muscle strength, stamina, endurance, and energy levels for improved fitness activities.

This leads to better blood circulation, more defined muscles and stronger bones as well as overall health improvements and bodybuilding results.


The primary use of the Tribet Tablet is to support healthy testosterone production, immune system function and improve athletic performance of athletes or regular bodybuilders by increasing their stamina and strength through training sessions or in the gym.

It also helps to improve cognitive functions with natural ingredients that results in alertness and focus increases during physical training sessions as well as daily chores or activities.


One of the main benefits of Tribet Tablet is that it can help bodybuilders build mass while reducing fats at the same time without any side effects since the tablet does not contain any steroids or hormones present in other supplements available over-the-counter.

There are also no nasty side effects associated with taking this supplement as seen with other chemical based sports nutritional products on the market today like upset stomachs, nausea etc., making it safe to consume for individuals looking for enhanced fitness activities results with no health risk concerns involved!

Side Effects:

Safe usage of Tribet has been known to create issues such as nausea, headache, excessive sweating or dizziness if taken excessively for a long period of time (>3 months).

The extreme levels are very rare though but should be noted when consuming tribulus terrestris extract tablets such as this one provided by us at our online store!

These side effects can be minimized by cutting down dosage after consulting a doctor before long duration consumption if you feel adverse symptoms arise after a few weeks into making tribulus part of your fitness regime!

How It Works :

The active ingredients present in Tribet tablets have been found in various clinical studies conducted throughout Europe & Asia (Germany), which suggest promising results in humans regarding muscle development by helping increase testosterone levels naturally without resorting to any synthetic processes at hand!

Specifically tribulus terrestris has shown an ability to enhance nitric oxide activity and provide support for enhanced athletic performance due to its aphrodisiac properties hence significantly enhancing muscle growth rate depending upon dietary plans followed accordingly & supplemented through consistent resistance exercise program protocols involved nearby (in gym).

FAQs :

Q1) How often do I need to take this supplement?

A1) You can take 1 tablet each day before your workout session alongside consuming high protein diets / meals along with adherence generic rule towards hydration perimeters.

Also remember that this supplement should strictly not be taken more than 4 weeks continuously otherwise it may damage your liver or kidney tissue drastically due excessive toxic buildup within blood streams that originate from tribulus terrestris extract contained inside these pills/capsules/tablets provided here!

Discontinue immediately after prolonged usage over 4 weeks & consult physician before starting intake session again soon after gap periods should such scenarios arise at all costs !

Q2) Is there any side effect while using this supplement?

A2) This supplement is generally safe for general consumption however prolonged ingestion may cause adverse effects including nausea, headache, dizziness amongst others so please make sure you consult your physician prior usage .

If you decide on taking triblets tablet more than 3 months consecutively just too make sure nothing unexpected occurs later down !