Vitazyme P ML Syrup

– Vitazyme P ML Syrup: potent multivitamin & mineral syrup.
– Combines vitamins A, C, E & B complex with minerals like zinc, iron & iodine.
– Enhances proper growth & development of body systems.

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Composition Vitazyme P ML Syrup

• 500ML Vitazyme P ML syrup contains vitamins A, D and E.
• It also consists of B Vitamins, Vitamin C and amino acids lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei Rhamnosuss, Vitamin K2 along with zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron.


• Store away from direct light and heat.

Product information

• Vitazyme P ML Syrup is a nutrient combination formulation as dietary supplement for optimal health support in general.


• Supports the absorption of essential nutrients for promoting healthy growth, development & metabolism.
• Helps boost levels of energy & stamina by providing key nutrients to fuel overall body functions.


• Enhances immune system functions by providing essential vitamin compounds to help your body stay strong and healthy.

• Promotes better digestion all throughout by providing beneficial bacteria known as probiotics that serves to break down food easily whilst keeping your digestive system clean from toxins or harmful microorganisms..

Side Effects

• May cause minor stomach irritations due to its probiotic content or allergic reactions such as hives or skin rashes among some individuals if taken in excessively high amounts.

How it works?

• Vitazyme P ML Syrup works by helping improve the overall health of your body with its nutritive composition containing vitamins A, D & E that support the proper functioning of the different bodily organs while also supplying B vitamins for faster energy production & metabolism boosting results in the end.

Meanwhile, its amino acid lactobacillus acidophilus provides an extra layer of digestive benefits alongside promoting stronger overall immunity against any potential disease threats all throughout..


Q1) How safe is Vitazyme P ML Syrup?

A) Vitazyme P ML Syrup is relatively safe when taken properly according to recommended dosage guidelines only because it does not contain any harmful ingredients nor known major side effects associated with long term.

Consumption unlike other formulations available out there in the markets right now instead only minor discomforts may occur such as temporary stomach upsets when taken excessively beyond recommended dosages..

Q2) How long does this product usually lasted for?

A) Generally speaking, each 500ml bottle will generally last up to 1-3 months depending on individual’s consumption rate and frequency of usage per serving accordingly while it’s advised for regular users who require longer sustaining routines to stock their shelves up just in case if needed so much..