AD Capsule

– AD Capsule promotes brain health
– Also helps to increase mental clarity & concentration
– Used to manage cognitive decline & mood swings

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• Composition AD Capsule

AD Capsule contains 500mg of acetaminophen and 200mg of ibuprofen as its active ingredients respectively. Other inactive ingredients are croscarmellose sodium, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, starch, pregelatinized cornstarch and talc.

• Storage:

The drug should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature between 50-86°F (10-30°C). Keep it away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children and pets. Keep this medicine out of moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Do not freeze this medication.

• Product Information:

AD Capsule is available in bottle forms containing 100 capsules each for oral administration only by adults aged 18 years or older. The drug should not be taken more than 4 times per day nor more than directed by a healthcare provider without consulting with them beforehand.

Overuse of the drug could lead to potentially serious side effects or overdose symptoms which may result in death if left untreated quickly enough upon onset.

• Uses:

AD Capsule is commonly used to reduce pain associated with swelling caused by minor injuries such as strains or sprains, toothaches, menstrual cramps, headaches, joint stiffness or muscle aches due to various illnesses like common colds or flu, arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.

It can also be used for reducing fever levels brought on by infections like chickenpox or common colds as well as reducing inflammation after surgeries involving scar tissue removal/build up around joints etc..

• Benefits:

Moreover using AD Capsules regularly can offer many benefits related to fast recovery from minor ailments suffered akin low methyl salicylate levels present in your body resulting from presence of excessive calcium buildup cause migraine aura etc which might lead to chronic headache episodes without adequate amounts of the same substance {methyl salicylate}.

Intake will also help increase synthesis rate on your bodies’ natural fluoresce compounds thus improving appetite; helping you regain strength quicker & maintain better physical conditioning over course of time after recovering from certain diseases/treatments etc .resulting eventually into a healthier you!

• Side effects:

Common adverse effects may include nausea & vomiting; dizziness; constipation etc if consumed beyond recommended dosage limit & onset time before going through some series signs/symptoms post medication acquittal might vary depending on individual health condition .

More critical side effects may Include extreme drowsiness ; difficult breathing ; rapid heartbeat , mood swings , fainting ; mental confusion ; changes in memory , liver toxicity & extreme itching (if any) which must be addressed at earliest so that serious complications may be avoided .

In any case user should closely monitor their own conditions if they experience anything unusual pre/post ingestion& unwarrantable self consumption must always bee obviated under all circumstances !

• How it works:

Upon administration AD capsule undergoes hydrolysis within GI tract releasing both ibuprofen & acetaminophen molecules independently into blood streams thereby targeting disease manifestations immediately at source apart from controlling fever levels .

Presence Of sufficient Apostles encourages increased production of white blood cell greatly enhancing immunity against various infectious agents if any while improved vascular network offers delivery o much needed substances across organs system instantly therefore conferring noticeable relief very quickly i!

• FAQs :

Q1) Is AD capsule the only available over counter analgesic option?

A1) While there are many Over The Counter analgesics other than ADcapsules like naproxen sodium omeprazole et motif none match degree swiftness efficacy conferred upon target tissue sites by Composition Cited above!

Q2) Should I stop taking my regular Analgesic once I Start Taking AD Capsules?

A2) Depending On Severity And Duration Dependant Symptoms Detected previously practitioners may opt To either supplement list suggested Treatments Or simply substituted them With Numbers Mentioned Here;

However under no Circumstance Great amount any medication Should Be Consumed Avoid Extreme Anticipation Of Adverse Events!