AF Tablet

– AF Tablet treats bacterial infections like UTI, bronchitis etc.
– Gives relief from cold, cough & fever.
– Contains 500mg Amoxycillin & 125/250 mg Clavulanic acid.

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Composition AF Tablet

• AF Tablet contains of Sodium Diclofenac(50 mg), Paracetemol(500mg) and Serratiopeptidase (15mg) as active ingredients.


• Store in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Information:

• AF Tablet is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory combination drug used to reduce the pain caused by various body ailments like headache, cold, muscle pains, joint pains, and severe body pain.

It helps suppresses fever associated with these diseases too. The Serratiopeptidase helps relieve inflammation by breaking the components causing redness and swelling at the affected area.


• AF Tablets are used for symptomatic treatment of rheumatic disorders like osteoarthritis, spondylitis, fibrositis, bursitis, ankylosing spondylosis (diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis) sciatica; other musculoskeletal disorders like gouty arthritis; backache due to sprains or strains ;

post-operative pain and dysmenorrhoea; dental pain; indefinitely injured limb injury in paraplegia; migraine attack and painful periods (dysmenorrhoea).


• AF Tablets are beneficial in the relief of both acute standing backache or muscular strain due to excessively physical occupations, as well as reducing redness, swelling or inflammation caused by medical conditions like rheumatism or arthritis. It generally improves mobility enabling greater functionality in afflicted joints such as ankles , knees shoulders etc.

Additionally it may also aid sleep if taken at bedtime making symptoms more bearable due to increased control over pain during periods of rest felling the effects lasting till morning time .

Additionally the Serratio peptidase component aids digestion too when taken regularly helping improve comfort snd mobility when afflicted with visceral suffering such as food poisoning , gasicity or gastric ulcer disorder .

Finally periodic use can help prevent onset of all increasing age related discomfort such as general deterioration of joint health , muscle mass etc .

Side Effects:

• High doses can induce headache , dizziness nausea and vomiting . Stomach irritation may lead to gastritic discomfort too further with prolonged usage rebound headaches mour be manifest .

However upon discontinuing usage these symptoms generally disappear however care should be taken near kidneys where renal damage could occur unusually high dosages lessening their total efficacy against previously stated conditions .

Lastly hypersensitives allergic reactions can rarely occur but if identified should bring visitor caution immediately thereby immediately ceasing useage under doctors advise

How it works?

• When the drug is orally consumed it is absorbed via intestinal mucosa passing through liver released into systemic circulation with its estimated bioavailability being 60-65 % dependent on food types presence within stomach whereby presence decreases bioavailability significantly except fruits as they contain low fat content thus having no effect on availability.

After reaching circulatory system chemical interaction starts between active compounds from medicine which blocks prostaglandin synthesis within body responsible for initing redness &swelling symptoms further calming CNS artheriobolesters inhibiting cyclooxygenases activity which accelerate inflammatory process within muscles&joints overtermedly responsible for joint aches & fatigue experienced due to ageing .

Finally serratiopeptidase enzyme breaks down proteolytic toxins found responsible for muscle-,agony onset lowering constitution time required for recovery process allowing an afflicted patient experiences’ speedy relief from their related affections incidents involved respectively


1. Is AF Tablets safe for pregnant women?

Ans : Pregnant Women should not take this medication without consulting a doctor before taking these tablets because it can cause serious side effects in them.

2. Are there any age restrictions associated with taking this tablet?

Ans : This medicine should not be given to patients below 18 years of age without prescription from a qualified physician/doctor