Amodep TM Tablets

• Amodep TM Tablets: treatment for mental health disorders.
• Uses psychotropic medications to manage symptoms like depression, anxiety, agitation, etc.
• Available in 5mg & 10mg dosages.

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Composition Amodep TM Tablets

• Amodep TM Tablets contain an active ingredient called Amlodipine Besylate which is a calcium channel blocker medication used for managing hypertension, angina and other conditions related to high blood pressure.

• It also contains the inactive ingredients like Wheat Starch (gluten-free), Hypromellose, Lactose Monohydrate, Magnesium stearate and Microcrystalline cellulose.


• Amodep TM Tablets should be stored at room temperature in a clean and dry place away from direct heat and moisture.
• Keep this medicine out of reach of children and pets.
• Do not keep outdated medications or medicines that are no longer required as they can be dangerous if consumed by others.

Product Information:

• AmodepTM Tablets are prescription-only medicines available in the form of light orange coloured, round tablets containing 5mg of Amlodipine Besylate as its active pharmaceutical ingredient. The tablets are supplied in blister packs of 15 each.


• AmodepTMTablets are used to treat hypertension, angina pectoris (chest pain) and other conditions related to high blood pressure as advised by an authorized medical practitioner.


• The benefits of using this medicine include controlling high blood pressure for reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke or kidney damage symptoms associated with it such as headaches, dizziness, nausea etc.

Side Effects:

• Some common side effects associated with this medicine may include dizziness, headache, swollen ankles or feet, chest pain and rapid heartbeat while some serious ones like painful erection of penis for more than 4 hours are rarely seen lingering after using this medicine which calls for medical attention immediately without any delay.

How It Works:

• AmodepTM Tablets work by blocking certain receptors responsible for widening the blood vessels leading to elevated diastolic pressure level and eventually causing reduced strain on our heart pump action.

Which indirectly helps in lowering our increased systolic blood pressure level as well as angina symptoms associated with chest pain etc effectively over time with regular dose intake schedule depending upon individual’s response into treatment completely without any further use specifically tailored into it anymore .


Q1: What is the dosage strength available in AmodeptMTablets?

A1: The standard dosage strength available in form of tablets is 5 mg however different strengths can be used as per individual’s response to therapy determined entirely according doctor’s advice only based on patient’s physical condition entirely without compromising anything whatsoever under any circumstances anytime soon really progressively finally!

Q2 : When should we take these tablets? How often?

A2 : This medicine should be taken on regular interval preferably at same time everyday determinant completely upon individual’s requirement & advice provided solely by a certified expereinced medical actute strictly following respective medical complications involved all too twice daily normailly .

But ideally respectively depending upon every individual’s treatment process regulary basically resulting newer healing procedure generating experiences levels regularly monitored end public quite unaware occasionally fpr provider better prevention systematic health care analysis regulation always!