Asthalin ML Syrup

• Asthalin ML Syrup: relief for asthma symptoms.
• Fundamentals: bronchodilator & corticosteroid.
• Benefits: lubricates airways, relieving chest tightness & breathlessness.

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Composition Asthalin ML Syrup

• 10 mg of Salbutamol and 5 mg of Levosalbutamol per 5 ml.


• Keep in cool, dark and dry places away from light.

Product Information

• Asthalin ML Syrup is a combination syrup containing Salbutamol and Levosalbutamol used for the treatment and prevention of Asthma, Bronchitis and other lung related diseases.

It acts as bronchodilator that helps to widen the airways making it easier for air to move in and out of lungs.


• Asthalin ML Syrup is used for the short-term relief of symptoms including wheezing, tightness in chest, breathlessness associated with reversible obstructive airway diseases. Symptoms such as coughing, chest pain or pressure may also be relieved by using this medicine.


• Asthalin ML Syrup helps to open up constricted airways by relaxing bronchial smooth muscles thereby relieving the difficulty associated with breathing during cases of asthma. It works within 30 minutes and provides relief for up to 6 hours.

Side Effect

• Asthalin ML Syrup may cause restlessness, dizziness, headache or tremor convulsions as side effects but these are rare cases occur only if medication is taken more than recommended doses. In some people it may also cause nausea or abdominal pain after consumption.

How it works?

• The active ingredients present in Asthalin ML Syrup such as Salbutamol creates an effect similar to adrenergic agent which directly act on the smooth muscles surrounding respiratory passages.

That help relax them by preventing their contraction caused due to allergic reaction or any other inhalers causing inhalation problem thus improving one’s ability to breathe properly without any difficulty.


Q1: How long does Asthalin ML Syrup take to start working?

A1:It takes about 30 minutes for this medicine t o start its action & provide you with relief from asthma along with other related obstructive lung diseases symptoms.

Q2: Is Weaning off necessary after taking high dose pulses of salbutamol?

A2:Yes if you’re taking larger doses like 2 puffs over three times a day then tapering off is important over a period of few days otherwise it can lead serious side effects such as increased heart rate tachycardia palpitations tremor etc