A to Z NS ML Syrup

• A to Z NS ML Syrup: Helps in growth & nourishment of kids.
• Contains vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.
• Supports physical and mental development in children.

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Composition A to Z NS ML Syrup

A to Z NS ML Syrup contains Rabeprazole, Levosulpiride and Domperidone as the active ingredients.


Keep this medicine in a cool & dry place, away from the sight & reach of children. Do not freeze it.

Product information:

A To Z NS ML Syrup is a proton pump inhibitor meant for the long-term treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It also relieves ulcers associated with acidity and prevents them from coming back.

It acts by suppressing gastric acid production and activity and helps with associated GERD symptoms like regurgitation, heartburn, chest pain and sour taste in the mouth. The active ingredients present in it are Rabeprazole 20 mg, Levosulpiride 75 mg & Domperidone 30 mg per 5 ml syrup.

The dosage should always be directed by a healthcare professional as instructed on the package or medication guide labels.


A To Z NS ML Syrup is mainly used in treating heartburn associated with GERD, breakibulcerous diseases (Gastritis), erosive esophagitis & non-erosive reflux caused by excess acid secretion in the stomach and bowel obstruction resulting from slow digestion due to indigestion or dyspepsia.


It provides rapid relief of GERD related symptoms such as heartburns, nausea, sour taste in mouth, bloating etc due to its quick action on uptaking the serotonin levels inside the body cells.

Which aid digestive process and restrict excessive acid production inside stomach bladder leading to normal functioning of other related glands & organs connected to it.

Side effects:

Longh term use of A to Z NS ML Syrup may result into various common side-effects like dizziness , dry throat , tiredness , fatigue , jitteriness , nausea , abdominal pain or cramps but these usually resolve within few days with dietary modification & regular exercise .

In very rare cases people might experience severe reaction such as difficulty breathing & vision changes that needs medical help immediately .

How it Works:

This medicine works by blocking certain types of pumps present inside our cells that are responsible for producing acids required for digestion .

it binds itself on these pumps membranes and modulates their activity thus regulating secretion of acids responsible from acidic problems like Gastric ulcers , Gastro Reflux Etc

FAQ’s :

1) How effective is A To Z NS ML Syrup?

A To Z NS ML Syrup is highly effective when taken accordingly with directions given on prescription or label provided alongwith medicine . Regular follow up with your doctor is recommended to get desired results .

2) Can usage Of A To Z NSML cause any harm ?

If taken in recommended dosage A To ZNSML will bring more goodthan harm however if somebody experiences irritation or allergic reactions please stop usage immediately and consult your doctor for advice regarding same