Breathe Pure Karvol Plus Capsule

•Breathe Pure Karvol Plus Capsule: relief from nasal/chest congestion
•Combination of menthol and camphor help clear airways
•Suitable for adults & children above 6 years

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Composition Breathe Pure Karvol Plus Capsule

• Each capsule contains Karvol Plus (Menthol 10 mg + Camphor 5 mg + Eucalyptus Oil 6.85 mg).


• Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.

Product Information:

• Breathe Pure Karvol Plus Capsules is an extract of natural ingredients only specifically designed for quick relief from blocked noses, nasal congestion, colds, allergies, sinusitis and other illnesses caused by flu and various viruses.

Uses & Benefits:

• Menthol in Breathe Pure Karvol Plus Capsules provides instant relief from nasal blockage or stuffiness due to cold and flu viruses.

• The compounds of camphor stimulate nerve endings in the nose providing relief form pain and irritation that accompanies colds or flu infection.

• Eucalyptus oil helps to reduce fever, cough or congestion naturally with its antiseptic properties; while antibiotics present in it helps in fighting infection.

side Effects:

• Heartburn may occur if taken on empty stomach. • May cause nausea, vomiting, feeling abnormally tired or drowsy .

Therefore not suitable for driving or operating machinery after consumption Side effects vary from person to person depending upon their diet/medication habits etc.

Consultation with a physician is advised prior to use of this medicine brand/product if you are under some medical treatment from a doctor already.

How it works?

• The Menthol present in these capsules acts as a decongestant- that loosens up mucous building up allowing one to breathe freely again • Simultaneously the aroma of the eucalyptus helps reducing throat irritation while its antibiotic properties help fight infection


1) Is this medicine only suitable for children above 12 years old?

No! Breathe Pure Karvol Plus Capsule can be taken by adults of all ages

2) Are there any side effects linked with this medicine?

There are some minimal risk like heartburn (if taken on empty stomach), fatigue etc but these side effects differ from individual to individual