Cobuilt Tablets

• Cobuilt Tablets: an ayurvedic combination to improve immunity & digestion.
• Combines 7 powerful herbs for better absorption & effectiveness.
• Helps build immunity to fight infections, aiding in overall wellbeing.

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Composition Cobuilt Tablets

• Paracetamol 500 mg
• Chlorepheniramine (anti-histaminic) 4 mg
• Phenylephrine HCl (decongestant) 10 mg
• Caffeine Anhydrous 50 mg
• Excipients q.s.

Storage –

Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Product Information-

Cobuilt tablets are a combination of paracetamol, chlorepheniramine, phenylephrine hydrochloride and caffeine used in the treatment of headache, body ache, cold and flu symptoms such as blocked nose, watery eyes and sneezing.

It works by blocking the action of histamines that cause reactions such as allergic rhinitis symptoms. Its active ingredients help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation while its excipients help to improve overall absorption of the components within the tablets into your system.


Cobuilt Tablets may be prescribed for:
• Headache
• Muscle pain
• Sprains and strains
• Cold & Flu symptoms, like runny or blocked nose, watery eyes and sneezing


Cobuilt Tablets can provide relief from general aches and pains associated with muscle spasm including:

• Relief from fever due to its analgesic properties

• Action on histamines which causes sneezing or watery eyes

• Quick action against headache due to its decongestant properties

Side effects –

Cobuilt Tablets may possibly cause certain side effects such as nausea, vomiting, restlessness and nervousness. Please contact your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms or if they worsen after consumption of these tablets.

How it works –

Cobuilt Tablets contains paracetamol which is an analgesic agent used for relieving headaches, muscular spasms or backpain. Chlorpheniramine helps reduce swelling in the nasal passage while phenylephrine hydrochloride has decongestant properties.

That make breathing easier by shrinking swollen tissues in nasal passage thereby reducing blockage caused due to cold & flu symptoms like sinus congestion or blocked nose.

Lastly, caffeine helps increase alertness by stimulating the central nervous system thereby energizing your body along with providing other health benefits like slowing down hair loss or aiding fat burning during workouts dependent upon doses consumed per day.


Q1 What is Cobuilt tablet used for?

Answer: Cobuilt tablet is used for treating headache, muscle pain, sprains & strains as well as cold & flu symptoms like runny/blocked nose due to its analgesic as well as antihistaminic component respectively.

Q2 Is it safe to use Cobuilt tablet during pregnancy?

Answer: It is usually not recommended for pregnant women unless deemed medically necessary by physician based on patient’s condition and weight bearing capacity according to doctor’s discretion only.