Eltroxin MCG Tablet

– Eltroxin MCG Tablet: synthetic thyroid hormone.
– Used to treat hypothyroidism, goiter & other conditions.
– Replaces natural thyroid hormone when not produced enough by body.

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Composition Eltroxin MCG Tablet

• Active Ingredients—Levothyroxine Sodium
• Inactive Ingredients—Lactose Monohydrate, Maize starch, Purified talc, Magnesium stearate.


Store at room temperature, away from light and moisture. Do not refrigerate. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Information

Eltroxin is a medication made from synthetic dessicated thyroid. It’s used to replace the deficiency of natural thyroid caused by its abnormally low production in the body or physical removal due to any medical condition or disorder such as Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease or Goitre.

It is available as 48 mcg strength tablets, generally taken once daily after meals. Overdosage may cause palpitations or chest pains along with similar symptoms resulting from an increase in the peripheral metabolism such as high heart rate and excessive sweating.


Eltroxin is prescribed for adults to replace the lack of natural thyroid hormone leading to various health issues like fatigue, tiredness, weight gain and constipation

The medication helps in restoring typical hormonal balance and provides relief from these symptoms associated with hypothyroidism including help in weight loss and energy building up .


The benefits of Eltroxin depend on several factors such as patient’s age, dosage and other health considerations involved in case to case basis but majorly they include improved well being alleviation fatigue , increased energy levels , regulating blood pressure levels , cholesterol reduction & Improving mental clarity..

Side Effects

PayPal Possible side effects resultant from Eltroxin consumption are irregular heartbeat occurring due to rapid pulse rate Including changes were there will be significant increase or decrease in appetite level depending on dosages .

Although these side effects again depend on individual cases occurring rarely mainly due other inactive ingredients present within medication components increasing risks of allergies related reactions

Moreover Extra supplements consumed may also have altered effects inducing allergic reactions other than mentioned here Cramps And Diarrhoea Are Some Of The Most Common results Ones faced by individuals consuming eltroxin tablets regarding their adverse effect .

How it works

Eltroxin contains levothyroxine which Poster enter cells tissues derive metabolism facilitating cellular respiration carrying away oxygen molecules acting like main energy producers required by vital organs Alternatively stimulating protein synthesis help obtains essential nutrients break down fats carbohydrates breaking own cycle.

Prior Conversion process happens thyronamine precursor converted t3 hormone latter transports nucleus involving process interchange control pathways relieving hypo related ailments improving hormone secretion repaired more efficiently shaped body desired traditional forms today.

Modern regulations few solutions better replacement hitherto tested clinically approved hypo patients living analgesic free lives afterwards


1) Does Eltroxin have any long term negative effects?

Answer: Generally there are no long term negative effects if dose is taken according to prescribed recommendations; However if overdose occurs then serious cardiac disturbances can take place leading to Jon bandry even death cases too.

2) How Long does it take for Eltrozin tablet improve Hypothyroidism Symptoms?

Answer: In most patients responding positively this might take 4 weeks approximately while skin dryness would require more time for resolving hence expecting positive solution accordingly without alteration dosage intake based constipation faction