Glyciphage VG Tablet

• Glyciphage VG Tablet: Oral Type-2 Diabetes Medication.
• Helps control blood sugar levels & minimise symptoms.
• Treats insulin resistance & improves glycemic control.

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Composition Glyciphage VG Tablet

It consists of- 500mg/1g Metformin HCl


Its storage should be done in a cool and dry place at a temperature between 25-30°C.

Product information

The product information including Manufacturer, Pack size, composition etc should be mentioned as- Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Pack Size: 10 Tablets


It is mainly used to treat type 2 diabetes.


Benefits include controlling your blood sugar levels & helping prevent long term complications of diabetes. With regular use, patients may see a reduction in weight & improved lipid profile over long terms.

Side effects

Side effects include nausea, vomiting, stomach upset or discomfort etc and at times lactic acidosis can occur.

How it works?

It works by decreasing the amount of glucose made by the liver and helps the body use insulin more efficiently thereby helping lower blood glucose levels.

FAQs :

Q1. How is Glyciphage VG Tablet taken?

A1. Glyciphage VG tablet is taken orally twice daily with meals for maximum benefit or as advised by your doctor.

Q2. How long does it take for Glyciphage VG Tablet to work fully?

A2. Generally, glypicphage works within a few days but its full effect may take several weeks depending on the patient’s health condition and body response to treatment.