Gris OD GM Cream

• Gris OD GM Cream: antral gastritis & peptic ulcer treatments
• A white & smooth cream used to reduce heartburns & acidity
• Helps in relieving irritated stomach caused by indigestion

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Composition Gris OD GM Cream

• Cyclomethicone – 6.0%
• Olive Oil- 5.0%
• Isopropyl Myristata-6.0%
• Vitamin E Acetate – 0.5%
• Withania somnifera Root Extract – 2.0 %
• Tea Tree oil- 4.0 %
• Zinc Oxide IP – 20.1 %


Store at room temperature between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, away from heat and direct sunlight. Do not freeze or refrigerate the product or expose it to extreme high temperatures. Product Information:

It is a topical cream that helps reduce inflammation and itching caused by skin allergies such as chronic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions of the skin.


Gris OD GM Cream can be used to reduce swelling, redness, and itching associated with allergic reactions of the skin triggered due to contact with food items, insect bites, perfumes etc., as also due to changes in an individual’s immunity level or weather conditions like humidity or cold temperatures in some cases.

It also helps manage premature aging symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles because its base ingredients—Vitamin E acetate extracted from wheat germ oil; olive oil; cyclomethicone etc.,

protect the skins surface layers from damage caused due to atmospheric reasons apart from natural aging processes making the skin supple soft and glowing for longer duration even during winter season months when integrity of body’s protective cortical layer can easily gets damaged due to extremities in environmental factors like windy nights etc..


The main benefit of Gris OD GM Cream is that it helps treat redness, swelling and itching that result from allergic reaction on the skin such as contact dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis among other conditions caused by immunological imbalances or environmental factors such as weather change in some cases apart from relaxation from itchiness simultaneously enriching.

Preventive protection against visible early signs associated with premature attacks upon exiting dermal tissues ultimately holds prime rank for preventing unfavorable outcomes arising out spreading antiviral bacteria quickly gaining momentum over unused bodily faculties.

Propelled maliciously by anti-inflammatory bacteria who quickly multiply unless killed through holistic approach based remedies assisted terminating allergies intelligently remembering eradicating pain comfortably acquiring assurance

Side Effects:

Some individuals might experienceside effects when using Gris OD GM Cream which include mild burning sensation at site of application (will heal quickly) headache or nausea associated with overly volatile reactive allergic components formulated inside body develops resistance synthesized total antibodies during rapid defensive usage almost instantly however extra caution should be taken

If there exists fear regarding unfavorable risk factors in response breathlessness penetration fracturing epidermis generally may be avoided however seek doctor’s help immediately in case symptoms still persist despite medication guidance above mentioned clearly shows targeted focus imperative analysation required before administration else consequential damage may get worsened although known probable repercussion situations rarely arrives provided specialist assist becomes traditionally applied .

How it works?

Gris ODGM Cream works by providing a barrier against allergens present in environment reducing chances of inflammation activate cellular production creating keratin cement proteins increasing protection strength reducing risk occurrence along adding extra layer sebaceous substances creates greasy film osmotic action antigens nullifies triggers inflammatory cells migrates infected layer.

Crosslink peptide structures pushing inside liquid medium where harmless proteins suffocates external pathogens killing effectively need reapplication necessary worsening create coating neutral respond environment stress nearly impossible changing component amino acids prevention.

Many common allergies often seen people worst impact treated efficiently efficiently strengthen scarring marks inflicted gets damage already coats affected area sustaining optimum healing mechanics takes hitting \ softer approach stabilization creates own immunity system .


Q1: How long does one pack of Gris OD GM Cream last?

A1 : One pack will usually last you about 3 weeks depending on amount used daily each person requirements vary others take longer while few might require less period calculated general basis lot applications comes lead container 3 month supply average consumer reasonably sufficient retain freshness avoid anti oxidative fermentation process coming dries requires .

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