Hifenac Tablet

• Hifenac Tablet: reduces pain and inflammation for acute musculoskeletal conditions.
• Effective for back pain, sprains, sports injury & arthritis.
• Ideal for those seeking safer alternatives to NSAIDs.

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Composition Hifenac Tablet

• Hifenac tablet contains two major active ingredients – Paracetamol and Diclofenac Sodium.
• Paracetamol is a pain reliever and has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces fever and make the patient feel relieved from pain.

• Diclofenac sodium is an NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) that helps to reduce various types of pains associated with muscle injury, joint pain, headache, migraine etc.


• Store the medicine at room temperature away from direct heat and sunlight.
• Keep it away from children.
• Do not store in moist or damp locations like washroom sink or cabinet near the water tap.

Product Information:

• Hifenac table is available in various packs such as 10X10 tablets in a blister pack form and also as 100 tablets strip pack form.

• Dosage should be decided by the doctor depending upon the severity of the medical condition for which it has been prescribed for an individual patient according to their age, weight etc.

Usually it is taken twice a day for adults with each dosage being one tablet after meals as directed by your physician.


• Hifenac tablet is prescribed to treat fever, inflammation associated with muscle tear or injury, joint pain, headache/migraine etc approved by FDA on June 2017)..

It helps in relieving symptoms like redness, swelling, muscular ache or sprain effectively reducing stiffness and improving mobility of joints involved.

when necessary rehab therapies can be carried out effectively due to reduced swelling and loosening of muscles/joints affected by the condition thus causing relief of pathology involved faster leading to improved patient’s outcome & quality of life .


• Hifenac tablet helps in providing fast relief without causing any adverse side-effects on body tissues or organs if taken as directed by your physician under his advice avoiding overmedication otherwise use may end up causing serious harm due to toxicity of component drugs present in its formulation..

Side Effects:

• The common adverse effects caused due to this medicine are heartburn (more during night time), nausea/feeling sick along with stomach upset/abdominal cramps etc felt accompanied all through day long while taking this medication but mostly get subsided when drug course gets finished as per guidelines given you by your doctor & other medical experts .

Rarely some cases have reported about acute skin irritation accompanied with pruritis type symptoms subside once body gets adjusted aftr intake for few weeks consistently & strictly following all advice given you wrt duration/timeslot/dosage etc..

How It Works?

• Hifenac medicine works against inflammation related problems arising due to injuries caused either musculoskeletal trauma like ankle twist during sports activity wherein set apart ligaments tissues gets torn leading pain & swelling around injured site

As well migraine headaches wherein regular administration upto 90 days helps in bringing down frequency & intensity level overall at large .


Q1) What Is The Maximum Dosage Of This Medicine Per Day?

A1) Maximum dose of this medicine per day should never exceed than 2 tablets even after consulting your general physician in absence of improvement inspite taking once tablet regularly every twelve hours

Q2) Is This Medicine Safe During Pregnancy?

A2)No studies till now have suggested anything regarding safe usage during pregnancy so none advised this medication specifically among pregnant women unless extreme necessity arise where there is no alternative left excluiding any potential risk associated you need consult pharmacist & doctor both before deciding anything concretely