K Pure B Gel Hand Sanitizer GM Gel

• K Pure B Gel Hand Sanitizer GM Gel: Kills 99.99% germs
• A powerful water-based sanitizer for hand hygiene
• Contains advanced Biotech Quat with skin moisturizers.

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Composition K Pure B Gel Hand Sanitizer GM Gel

This sanitizer gel contains 80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and purified water making it effective for killing germs and bacteria.

Storage :

Store at room temperature between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Keep away from direct heat or flame.

Product Information:

K Pure B Gel is the ideal hand sanitizer gel which helps to prevent infection and contamination. It’s clinically proven to be effective against most common germs that may cause illness without drying out your skin.

Uses :

K Pure B Gel can be used on hands when out of home, office bathroom, office desk, restaurant tables or any public place where there is a higher chance of germs re-entry on your hands after washing them with soap and water.

Also helps in removing dirt and grime while also killing germs which causes diseases on contact.


This Hand Sanitiser gel kills 99.9% germs instantly without water. Helps protect from various infections caused due to micro-organisms without any side effects like burning sensations or skin dryness after washing hands frequently.

Is enrich with Vitamin E that keep the skin hydrated even after repeated use throughout the day which makes it perfect while on the go or for everyday use at home/work usages!

Side Effects :

None reported if used as directed according to product instructions however excessive use or irritation with eyes should be monitored immediately and stop using if needed until further notice from doctor/healthcare professional.

Can cause skin dryness if overused frequently without applying lotion afterwards so appropriate measures must be taken before using again multiple times per day!

How It Works?

K Pure B Hand Sanitiser works by eliminating germs from an area through its active ingredients like Alcohol, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide & purified water that works together

When combined into a gel form to kill 99% of microbes quickly & effectively by breaking down their cell structure leaving nothing but cleanliness behind it! Frequent use on hands within seconds leaves a protective barrier preventing future contaminations!


Q1- Does this hand sanitizer have antibacterial properties?

A1- Yes, K Pure B Hand Sanitiser has many active ingredients that help to kill 99% of bacteria quickly & effectively leaving a protective barrier behind it helping with prevention from future contamination too!

Q2 – How long does one application last?

A2 – Normally one application usually lasts around 2 hours without washing off depending on environmental temperatures during application time, exposure to direct sunlight & amount of sweat produced throughout the day!