Lazine M Tablet

• Lazine M Tablet: a medicine to treat bacterial infections.
• Contains Amoxycillin 500mg & Potassium Clavulanate 125mg.
• Helps in treating respiratory, genito-urinary & other infections.

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•Composition Lazine M Tablet

Each tablet of Lazine M contains Omeprazole 20 mg as active ingredient. It also contains Magnesium Hydroxide, Hypromellose E-15, Titanium Dioxide(E171) corn starch colloidal silica anhyrous sodium stearyl fumarate, and Carnauba Wax.


Store Lazine M tablets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and children’s reach. Do not freeze them.

•Product Information:

Lazine M is a proton pump inhibitor medication recommended to treat gastric acid related diseases like esophagitis.

It belongs to the family of drugs known as ‘Nexium’ and can even be used for helicobacter pylori infection too. The tablet is manufactured by Cipla India Ltd., who make other similar products like Zegerid and Omez etc.


With its therapeutic effects, lazine m is used predominantly to reduce inflammation at the stomach esophagus junction and treat reflux disease caused due to the acidity disturbance in those suffering from it.

It is also often prescribed alongside antibiotics to work against Helicobacter Pylori which helps relieving further symptoms associated with it such as dyspepsia if any still present after taking anti-acidic medications on their own or in combination with antibiotics alone .


By controlling acid production inside the stomach as well as restraining excess amount of gas buildup within, lazine m provides immense relief against gastric acid related diseases such as peptic ulcer, GERD, ulcers caused due to H pylori infections etc.,

Promoting natural healing process, reducing burning sensation in throat or chest area effectively along with steps taken in dietary changes followed by user at home etc,.

•Side Effects:

As good a drug its benefits may bring along for some individuals there could be possibilities of allergic reactions happening one way or another depending upon how each body might react differently to different drugs including Lazine M.

When used over longer time span thus one should watch out carefully for any skin rash or itching while using this medication especially long term users for any indicators towards head ache/drowsiness/nausea or diarrhoea nausea/vomiting leading up potential allergic responses.

That need immediate attention if any such cases turn up anytime during course of treatment better consult doctor she/he PPI immediately without fail who will then decide further course best suited keepin.

Individual circumstances under observation at moment before going ahead together with clinical analytics accordingly stated by him/her only thereafter never switching medicines herself /himself between brands /drug names ever without monitoring professionals help first mandatorily ?

•How It Works:

Omeprazole 20mg contained within lazine m works on reversing the effect of proton—————unavailable—————transferring process escape route open unblocking underlying problems causing excessive hydrochloric acid formation releasing more enzymes into intestines successfully.

Aiding digestion all the while making sure continues secretions go unhindered without leakages taking place elsewhere than intended preventing complications down onto stomach area quickly allowing gradual repair work.

Already damaged parts seeing through their recuperation back normal routine gradually so patient can start feeling better sense calmness improved lifestyle habits back responsible healthful slower pace living condition simultaneously ?

FAQs :

1) What are the benefits of using lazine m?

The main benefit of taking lazine m are reduced inflammation at the stomach esophagus junction causes due to reflux disease due to increase acidic disturbances in patients sufferings from it helps restore normal digestive balance.

While treating ulcers heliobacter pylor infections through proper dosage allied antibiotic medicines directed towards clinical scenarios mentioned forehand allowing unrestricted access enzyme secretion throughout full emancipation.

Obstructing formation extensively further coated eventually delayed lasting relief countered consequences instead medical inquisitiveness conjointly addressing medical concerns companionably deliberation through suitable medicines.

Attack floor plans laid viewed probable cures earlier been various treatments overall improvisation substance forms pivots abut matters subject aforesaid fusion amalgamated marches period instances went seventies come erstwhile needy affixed bonding resolves problem .

2) Are there side effects associated with lazine m?

Yes headaches drowsiness nausea diarrhoea vomiting can be possible signs symptoms indicating allergic reaction taking place persons using this medication long term duration same time.

One should take precaution keep close eye rashes itching too while doing so immediately document mentioning pas reactions same thing go professional health care short sighted whenever find oddities symptomatically medically speaking hope answered queries correctly time thank you