MamyPoko Pants Standard

• MamyPoko Pants Standard: Breathable pants for babies’ comfort.
• Provides extra dryness & softness, with high absorbency.
• Improved leakage guard design for added protection.

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COMPOSITION MamyPoko Pants Standard

• Contain non-woven and absorbent sheet material through which we can easily pass air.
• Have super lock according to baby’s comfort which ensures no leakage at all.
• Available in 7 sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Extra-Extra-Large,XXXL & XXXXL).


• Store the product in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and excess heat and moisture.


• Can be used by infants weighing over 3 kgs or more.
• provides 100% urine absorption with soft cuffs to avoid side leakage.


it is useful for babies and it helps them keep their skin healthy:
• Prevents rashes as it keeps skin dry thanks to its non woven sheets that provide air circulation –

This allows their skin to breathe and helps prevent diaper rash or any other forms of commonskin infections that babies may suffer from when using diapers too often .


• Comfortable fit – the pants have an elastic waistband for a secure fit. Therefore it ensures that your baby stays comfortable all day long without feeling too much pressure on their tummy.

This duo is designed with special designs around the leg cuffs to ensure superior anti leaks! Moreover,the extra padded layer provides gentle care while still keeping them protected & dry.

herself confident as she can go about her daily activities without worrying about embarrassing leakage problems!

• Absorbency strength – you baby will stay dryforlonger since thesepants are equipped with high absorbency capacitywhichmakesit possibleto keep them out of harm’s way even if they pee more often than usual during ealthy movements such as crawling or runningaroundthehouse .

The inner layer works up a strong absorbency barrierwhile the outer layer prevents moisture from passing outwardsandfallsonto theskinor clothes .

• Economical – thesepants come in packs of 3 which makes them easier on your pocket . You do not need tobuy a singlepackof40ornmoreaswithothereconomypacks .


They have no side effects if used according to instructions given by doctor


The cloth like material inside MamyPoko Pants Standard absorbs wetness quickly keeping baby’s bottom drier and thus preventing rashes from developing on delicate skin .

The soft elastic waistband keeps out———————heleakages effectively without causing discomfort while ensuring freedom of movements


1) How will MamyPoko Pants StandardKeep my Child Dry?

Ans:MamyPoko Pants Standard works on the principle of absorption where its specially designed inner layers soaks up all liquid quickly thus providing protection against wetness and rashes

2) WhatAgesaretheMostSuitableforUsingMamyPoko PantsStandard?Ans:MamyPokoStandardcanbeusedbyinfantsweighingover3kgsormore