Manforce Litchi Condom Pack

1.Manforce Litchi Condom: Offering dual protection from STIs & unwanted pregnancy.
2.Made of high-quality latex, lubricated condom for extra pleasure.
3.Hexagonal shape provides better grip & optimal safety during intimacy.

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Composition Manforce Litchi Condom Pack

This condom pack contains 10 units of litchi flavored condoms crafted with ultra-thin and skin-safe latex for pleasurable intercourse and better protection from STDs.


It is suggested to store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and children’s reach.

Product Information:

Manforce Litchi Condom Pack is an FDA approved contraception device manufactured by Mankind Pharma Ltd, one of India’s leading pharmaceutical company.

The condoms are designed to fit snugly on the male genital organs ensuring maximum pleasure and prevent unwanted pregnancy or transmission of stds


These litchi flavored condoms are mainly for contraceptive purposes or to prevent transmission of stds during sexual intercourse.


Manforce Litchi Condom Pack provide dual benefits – it helps create an enjoyable intercourse experience due to its pleasant flavor, while also ensuring complete protection against unwanted pregnancies or STDs transmissions.

Side Effects:

Generally, there are no known side effects associated with using these condoms as they do not contain any harmful chemicals and are made of skin-safe latex.

However, people with sensitive skin may experience mild irritation upon contact with the condom material.

How it Works?

Upon contact with the male organ during sexual intercourse, Manforce Litchi Condom packs form a tight fitting shield around the penis in order to absorb semen before ejaculation occurs; thereby preventing any unwanted pregnancies or other STD / viral transmissions during intercourse.


Q1) Is The Case Of This Product Compatible With Any Size?

A1) Yes, this product is designed for universal size compatibility so that any user can fit them correctly without worry.

Q2) Do These Products Release Harmful Chemicals Into The Body?

A2) No, these products are made out of skin-safe latex material which will not release any harmful materials into the body when used according to instructions.