Manforce Exotic Condom Pack

-Manforce Exotic Condom Pack to protect against unwanted pregnancies & STIs.
-Thin latex layer for pleasure, available in various sizes & flavours.
-Glowing dots showing condom positioned correctly for comfortable, safe sex.

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Composition Manforce Exotic Condom Pack



Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat

Product information:

Manforce Exotic condoms are from the world renowned brand Manforce, famous for their highest quality requirements and standards. They offer sensational stimulation and have exotic designs with ribbed textures that hit you at all the right spots.

Manufactured using only premium quality latex material and a unique formula of lubricants to increase pleasure while reducing friction and irritation.

Comfort level is superior compared to other brands and they are 100% electronically tested for safety against breakage during use. Each condom pack contains 8 units and is priced economically for easy access to safe sex options.


The main purpose of a condom is protect against unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases when used correctly during intimate contact or intercourse.

Using these condoms will provide both partners an extra layer of protection as well as heightened sensation through texture and sensations.


Being low cost, easy availability, offering lubrication inside & outside plus ribbing on the circumference along with reservoir tip gives this product an edge over its competitors.

These condoms also offer protection from pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases during sexual contact if used correctly as advised by your health care specialist..

Additionally, it offers supreme comfort level with less irritation because of premium quality materials used in its dominant construction plus user friendly features like reservoir tip makes them even more desirable than the regular condom packs available in the market today.

Side effects:

Though rare, there may be some allergic reactions due to latex intolerance leading to soreness, redness on skin or rashes near genital area upon usage of these condoms which can get easily taken care off following proper medical help if any such reactions arise upon use of this product .

How it works?

It works by providing safe contact against pregnancy or STDs (sexually transmitted Diseases) when used correctly as advised by your health care expert .

It does so successfully through its unique design , textured surface , lubricants inside & outside (on request) covered endpoints (reservoir tip ) that effectively provides layer of safety between two individuals taking part in sexual intercourse . Use them as advised for maximum protection .

FAQs :

Q1 – How long does an individual condom last?

Ans- As it is made out of high grade latex material which ensures that it does not tear easily ,hence each condom can last up till single session within expiry date properly stored under optimum conditions .

Q2 – What are the benefits associated with using this product

Ans- There are numerous benefits associated like enhanced sensation through ribbing on shaft exterior , supple fit through high quality construction material , convenient reservoir tip & even lubrication both inside & outside that makes this product one among its kind !