Meganeuron OD Plus Capsule

– Meganeuron OD Plus: caps for relief from pain.
– A combination of Vit B1, B6 & B12.
– Enhances nerve functioning & helps energise.

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Composition Meganeuron OD Plus Capsule

-Meganeuron OD Plus Capsule contains Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), Natural Vitamins (Vitamin A and E), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, REmofolin linked to Pyridoxine, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate, Elemental Copper Gluconate.


-Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and light. After opening the bottle, it should be used within 8 weeks of consumption.

Product Information

-Net Weight: 10 capsules per bottle packed in aluminum packs of 10 capsules each. The shelf life is two years from date of manufacture.

Uses & Benefits

-It helps improve concentration while studying or working for prolonged periods of time as it increases alertness and mental agility. Sufficient intake can enhance reasoning, learning skills, cognitive performance, productivity and memory power too.

It plays an important role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and assuring correct nerve functioning. It is also beneficial against strokes and depression with its anti-inflammatory properties making it helpful for joint care.

Furthermore it aids vision health because of vitamin A content content present in the capsule with other components such as DHA helping build strong bones too due to higher absorption rate in bones than calcium based supplements has been noted by researchers proving.

Its importance with regards to bone diseases which are associated with deficiency in calcium leading to brittle bones among childrens mainly girls while aged women are most prone to this problem as compared to men .

Side Effects:

-In some cases drugs like Meganeuron OD Plus containing omega 3 ingredients such as DHA may cause certain stomach pain or discomfort after consuming . In case if allergic reactions appear ,please seek medical attention immediately .

However this may be very rare instance only if you have any underlying known medical condition regarding allergy oily fish products etc then please take extra precaution ot consult physician first before taking this medicine .

If any nausea occurs stop usage directly without waiting even on single dose further . Intake should be regulated according to user’s health condition or personal risk/tolerance level .

Any over dosage will result more nausea feeling ,excessive sleepiness ,unusual irritability instead PCOD symptoms mentioned above may get aggravated instead getting better ,so take advise from doctor for resolving such issues

How It Works

-The CAPSULES promote vigilant 30 mins cycle followed up by feeling refreshed voice speaking truly about Meganeuron OD plus capsules .

They contain Omega 3 fatty acids that aid the equilibrium between different hormones related closely fat metabolism which aids better system at whole at end which reflects on user’s wellbeing more notably due improved alertness mental agility offered through presence of natural vitamins specially Vitamins A & E act important part along peripheral nervous system where.

They become building blocks bring forward optimal energy booster without causing side effects which goes through self explanatory natural motion Thereby decreasing inflammation due presence folic acid among many other minerals along seas ions that impact central nervous system much more effectively make our daily lives much enjoyable


Q1: What are some benefits of using Meganeuron OD Plus?

A1: The primary benefits include improved concentration while studying or working; enhanced alertness; increased reasoning abilities; better learning skills; improved memory power; healthier cholesterol levels and nerve function; maintenance of healthy joint care;

Stronger vision health due to Vitamin A content; build stronger bones due higher absorption rate than calcium supplements.; maintained central nervous system more effectively leading towards a greater sense of enjoyment overall!

Q2: Are there any potential side effects associated with Meganeuron OD Plus?

A2: While there could be possible minor side effects like discomforts or nausea if taken in extraordinary amounts involving an allergic reaction that need immediate treatment,

The chances are quite rare unless the individual has an underlying known medical condition involving oily fish products etc., Thus it is always best practice to consult your healthcare provider before initiating use!