Pyrigesic Tablet

• Pyrigesic Tablet: Pain relieving medicine.
• Combines two active ingredients- Paracetamol & Chlorzoxazone.
• Helps to achieve fast pain relief from muscle spasms and cramps.

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Composition Pyrigesic Tablet

• The active ingredients of Pyrigesic are Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid.


• MUST store Pyrigesic Tablet at room temperature in a dry place. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

 Product Information

Each pack contains 10 tablets in a strip.

• Pyrigesic Tablet is an analgesic and antispasmodic combination used to relieve mild to moderate pain, discomfort, tension and for stress-related muscle spasm.


Pyrigesic provides relief from migraines, headaches, dental pain, period pains, joint pains as well as feverishness. It relieves tension by using its mild sedative action to help reduce anxiety or nervousness that could be related with physical pain or ailment.


Pain killer & Antispasmodics: Relieve muscular aches and pains that can occur due to stress or exercise Aids the relief of inflammation Reduces body temperatures during fevers Calms nervous tension by acting as a slight sedative

Side Effects

Common side effects may include upset stomach, nausea, diarrhoea or constipation. In some cases people may experience sleepiness or drowsiness after taking it and this may result in impaired ability for activities that require being alert such as driving or operating machinery.

Always consult your doctor if you experience any unusual reactions while taking Pyrigesic tablet.

How It Works

Paracetamol is effective at relieving mild to moderatepain including headaches, period pains and other muscular aches. Mefenamic acid helps with muscle spasms providing further relief from painful symptoms like cramps caused by muscle strain or tightness due to tension headaches or neck stiffness associated with specific medical conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS).


Q1: What dosage should be taken for Pyrigesic?

A1: The recommended dosage is one tablet taken 3–4 times daily after meals

Q2: Is Pyrigesic suitable for children?

A2: No, Pyrigesic Tablet is not recommended for use in children as it contains two strong ingredients which can be harmful if consumed incorrectly