Rosumac Tablet

• Rosumac Tablet: Reduces inflammation associated with arthritis.
• Used for management of high blood pressure.
• Effective in controlling fluid retention caused by conditions like cirrhosis.

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Composition Rosumac Tablet

• Rosumac Tablet contains a combination of 5 mg of Ramipril and 20 mg of Olmesartan as its active ingredients.


• Store Rosumac Tablet at room temperature away from direct light or heat. Do not refrigerate / freeze the tablet.

Product Information:

• Rosumac tablets are round, biconvex, with “500” embossed on one side and “MU” embossed on the other side. It is available in bottles of 30 tablets.


• The Rosumac Tablet is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) and certain heart complaints (heart failure). It is also known to reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney problems and decreased mortality among patients with hypertension and other conditions.


• The main benefit of the Rosumac tablet is that it helps reduce blood pressure thereby reducing one’s risk for major cardiovascular events such as strokes and heart attacks.

It also reduces one’s risk for kidney disease related to hypertension by decreasing protein levels in the urine thus reducing proteinuria levels in patients suffering from hypertension/diabetes. Finally, it helps reduce mortality rates amongst those with high blood pressure or associated conditions.

Side Effects:

• Common side effects may include headache, dizziness, fatigue, upset stomach or diarrhea, low blood pressure when changing positions quickly (orthostatic hypotension), cough or sore throat (due to angioedema ).

Uncommonly reported were muscle cramps so check with your doctor if these symptoms subsist or become severe at any point during treatment with Rosumac tablet .

How it works?

• Ramipril used in this tablet relaese affects a specific hormone manufacture by your body- angiotensin II which causesdy narrowing of yourblood vessels amd increase yourblood presssure hence it prevents your body from making this hormone by blocking an enzyme(called ACE inhibitor).

Olmesartan belongs to classs group called ARBs which work By limiting action of other hormones , helps relax bloodvesselwsso flowed increasing ,reducesyblood preassure hence preventing heart-relatedd complications due to high bloodypressure .

Combination of ramiprl olmesarta work togethr too control high bloosd preasure hines helpping iduce lpwer both systolic presssure(numbers appearing on top oft reading ) diastolic pessure (ner umber abtuming mddle ) .


Q1What are the uses for Rosumac Tablets?

A1The primary use forRosumac Tablets is treating hypertension and certain heart complaints such as controlling high blood pressure levels in order to lower risk factors associated with strokes, heart attacks, kidney problems and mortality rates relating to various ailments associated with high blood pressure levels such as diabetes/hypertension.

Q2 What are the potential benefits associated with taking ROSUMAC TABLET ?

A2The potential benefits include lowering elevated practice pressures helping reduce risky outcomes such as strokes or myocardial infarctions as well as potentially decreasing proteinuria levels when sufferers have diabetes mellitus while simultaneously lowering overall death rates relate to having elevated strain grades upon using ROSUMAC TABLETs