Softovac Powder GM Powder

– Softovac GM Powder: To regulate bowel movements.
– Formulated with a unique combination of plant fibres & herbs.
– Aids digestion and helps relieve constipation & flatulence.

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• Composition Softovac Powder GM Powder

Softovac Powder GM Powder is a combination of herbs and minerals used in Ayurveda – triphala, asafetida, cardamom, ginger, mint leaves, fenugreek seeds, castor oil and turmeric.

• Storage:

Store Softovac Powder GM Powder at room temperature away from direct sunlight and moisture. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Protect from heat, light and moisture.

• Product Information:

Softovac Powder GM with its Ayurvedic ingredients provides gentle relief for constipation in a stovel garden make it ideal for use all around the year.

It is available in powder form for easy use. For adults 6 teaspoonfuls should be taken at bed time with lukewarm water for relief from Constipation.

• Uses:

Softovac Powder GM has ingredients that are known for their laxative effects which makes it an ideal choice to relieve mild to moderate constipation.?

• Benefits:

The primary benefits of taking Softovac Powder GM are increasing the bulk of stool by drawing water into the intestines and stimulating the contractions of intestines necessary to move stool through the digestive system.?

It helps soften stools so that they can pass more easily.? It helps regulate bowel movements.? It helps reduce straining during bowel movements.? It helps reduce irritation caused by hard stools.?

It relieves symptoms of bloating or abdominal discomfort associated with constipation? It results in natural bowel movements without any irritation to the body tissue.?Most importantly it does this while being natural gentle and safe but without any side effect on stomach or digestion system.?

• Side Effects:

Although Softovac Powder is made up all natural ingredients, there might be side effects if consumed in high doses or if someone has a pre existing medical condition including problems related to heart , low blood presure resulting dilated blood vesselsor electrolyte imbalance .

If you notice any unusual symptoms after taking this product immediately discontinue use .Always consult your doctor before taking any medication supplement .?

• How It Works :

Softovac powder contains blend of minerals ayurvedic herbs like ginger which help stimulate muscle contraction along with other components like Triphala as well as castor oil which helps increase fluid levels within your intestine defining your faecal matter bit elastic easier to flush out wastes as needed by your body

• FAQs.:

Q1. What is Softovac Standardized Extract?

A1.Softovac Standardized Extract is an all-natural herbal supplement made up of herbs like triphala, ginger, mint leaves etc., combined with certain minerals that can help alleviate constipation temporary basis.

Q2 Does this product have any side-effects when used?

A2. As this product is an herbal supplement made from all-natural ingredients there are generally no major side effects associated with its use however one should always check with their health provider prior taking this medication especially those having pre existing health conditions./