Trapic MF Tablet

• Trapic MF Tablet: a medicine used for bacterial infections.
• Contains Cefixime – an antibiotic – & Potassium Clavulanate as active ingredients.
• Reduces the severity of bacterial infections by killing the causing organism.

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• Composition Trapic MF Tablet

Trapic MF Tablet is composed of Travoprost and Timolol.

• Storage:

Store away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

• Product Information:

Trapic MF Tablet is a combination medication used to treat glaucoma and high pressure inside the eye. It works by reducing the amount of liquid in the eyes, thereby decreasing the eye pressure. The active ingredients in Trapic MF Tablets are travoprost and timolol

• Uses:

It is used to reduce high pressure inside the eye that occurs due to open-angle glaucoma or other conditions.

• Benefits:

This medicine helps to decrease the eye pressure by draining extra fluid from within eyes. It helps relieve pain associated with eye pressure increase.

• Side Effects:

Side effects like headache, burning or stinging on applying to your eyelids, an upset stomach dizziness, blurred vision may be experienced while taking this medicine.

• How it Works :

Trapic MF Tablet works by decreasing production of fluid within eyes which ultimately increases draining of fluids this lowers intraocular pressure around eyes thus treating congestive glaucoma or ocular hypertension .

• FAQs

Q1 ) What Is The Dosage Of Trapic Mf Tablet ?

A1) Your doctor will determine your dosage after considering certain factors such as age , body weight, medical condition . Generally it is recommended once daily in evening or as per doctor’s recommendation .

Q2) What Are The Precautions Of Trapic Mf Tablets?

A2) Avoid contact lens while using this medicine because it may cause serious damage to your Lens . Driving should be avoided after consumption because this medicine may cause drowsiness and tiredness .