Vitazyme ML Syrup

• Vitazyme ML Syrup: vitamins & minerals syrup.
• Rich in B-complex, Calcium & Magnesium to fill nutritional gaps.
• Improves immunity, metabolism & overall health.

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Composition Vitazyme ML Syrup

It has Beta-Carotene, Zinc, Vitamin A, D3 and E as its major components.

Storage :

Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. Store at room temperature.

Product Information:

Vitazyme ML Syrup is a multivitamin and mineral formulation. It provides essential minerals zinc and Vitamin A that helps maintain healthy body functioning. It also contains other essential vitamins to support the growth of healthy tissue cells in children.

Uses :

This syrup is used for deficiency of vitamins A, D3, E and minerals like zinc in kids which can be caused due to poor diet and malnutrition especially during the growing period or illnesses like diarrhea or worms etc.,

It is also recommended by pediatricians for overall growth of healthy tissue cells in kids


• Provides essential minerals zinc and vitamin A which helps maintain healthy body functioning• Contains essential vitamins that help support healthy tissue cell growth• Useful for making up deficiencies caused by poor diet or illnesses• Recommended by pediatricians

Side Effects:

Some of the possible side effects may include mild stomach irritation or an allergic reaction like welling of lips face tongue or difficulty breathing prior to consulting a doctor should any kind of reaction occur.

How It Works:

Vitazyme ML Syrup works by providing necessary vitamins & minerals needed to support healthy normal body functioning in children. The formula also helps to make up deficiencies that are caused due to poor diets or illnesses during early childhood development.


1) What age group can take this syrup?

It is suitable only for kids above 2 years old

2) What are the active ingredients present in it?

The active ingredient present in it are Beta-Carotene, Zinc, Vitamin A, D3 & E