Cefakind Tablet

• Cefakind Tablet: Antibiotic for bacterial infections.
• Contains Cefpodoxime Proxetil 200mg, Sodium Starch Glycolate 25mg.
• Prevents/treats many GI, ENT and urinary tract bacterial infections.

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Composition Cefakind Tablet

• 500 mg of Cefepime as an active ingredient
• 457.94 mg of Lactose Anhydrous as a diluent.


Store in a cool and dry place at temperature not exceeding 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Information

• Appearance – Capsule shaped, white to off-white tablets with break lines on both sides
• Packaging- It comes packaged in bottles containing 10 tablets each.


Cefakind Tablet is used for the treatment of urinary tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections, intraabdominal infections, community acquired pneumonia, septicaemia and meningitis caused by susceptible bacteria.


• The medicine is effective against wide number of bacteria.
• It is given as single dose once daily which increases patient compliance and adherence to prescribed therapy.

Side effects

While consuming Cefakind Tablet few side effects may be experienced such as diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, rash etc. However these are temporary and should vanish after completion of the course or dosage adjustment by physician

How it works?

Cefakind Tablet is an antibiotic of cephalosporin class which inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis thereby stopping growth and reproduction leading to its eradication from body


Q1: Does Cefakind treat viral infections?

A1: No it does not work on viral infections like cold or flu. It works only on certain bacterial infections as mentioned above.

Q2: Does Cefakind affect the birth control pill?

A2: There are no known interactions between this medicine and any birth control pills so it won’t affect them or their working mechanism