Johnson Baby Blossom Pink GM Powder

• Johnson’s Baby Blossom Pink GM Powder:
• Perfect formula for healthy baby’s skin.
• Contains natural ingredients like lavender oil & wheatgerm oil.

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Composition Johnson Baby Blossom Pink GM Powder

• Zinc oxide (22.2% w/w)
• Calamine (17.6% w/w)
• Aloe Vera extract (2.5% w/w)
• Vitamin E acetate (0.1% w/w)
• Perfume and preservatives


The Johnson Baby Blossom Pink GM Powder must be stored in a cool, dry place away from the reach of children or any other pets at home.

Product Information:

Johnson & Johnson Baby Blossom Pink GM powder is an enriched baby powder formulated to keep your baby’s tender skin fresh and dry for longer.

Enhanced with zinc oxide, calamine, aloe vera extract, and vitamin E acetate, it provides a protective layer around the skin to ward off infection and rashes while keeping the area cool and soothed.

This baby powder also comes loaded with floral aroma which keeps little one smelling fresh throughout the day


Johnson & Johnson Baby Blossom Pink GM Powder can be used for many purposes such as to gently cleanse the baby’s skin, absorb sweat and moisture to protect against diaper rash, soothe skin chafing, keep skin soft and fragrant etc.


• Keeps Little One Fresh for Longer Hours
• Soothes Skin Chafing • Provides Protection from Rashes & Infections • Cools & Refreshes Baby’s Skin • Rich in Zinc Oxide & Calamine • Perfumed with Floral Aroma

Side Effects:

This product contains perfume and preservatives which may potentially cause allergies like rashes or itchiness in some people but if this does happen then discontinue using immediately or consult a doctor accordingly.

How It Works:

The zinc oxide content of the Johnson & Johnson Baby Blossom pink GM powder helps create a thin protective barrier over toddlers’ delicate skin that absorbs sweat and prevents bacteria from entering through cuts or scratches on their soft surface;

Hence protecting them hustle free from any kind of infections or rashes all day long while aloe vera helps to reduce inflammation if there is any already present along with brightening up their dull complexion while providing a refreshing feeling too!

Meanwhile, Vitamin E acetate content helps nourishskin while making it smoother than ever becoming your little angel’s companion amidst tne summer heat waves!


Q1- Can I use this product on my newborn?

A- Yes definitely! You can use this product as an alternative to talcum powder for babies 0 months old onwards as per advice given by pediatrician looking out after his health accordingly!

Q2- Is this product safe enough for my toddler?

A- Of course yes! As this product is specifically formulated keeping young fragile infants in mind so it contains gentle ingredients that are dermatologically tested ensuring its safety when used on your toddler’s delicate surface during summers!