Manforce Cocktails V Condom Pack

• Manforce Cocktails V Condom Pack: A safer sex option
• Contains flavor condoms for enhanced pleasure
• Made from strong material with superior lubrication

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Composition Manforce Cocktails V Condom Pack

• Each condom is made up of latex and has a nominal width of 56+/-2mm.
• It’s lubricated with non-spermicidal silicon based lubricant on the inside and has a rounded tip.
• Has flavoured odour of pineapples to make it more pleasurable.
• Released with appropriate CE certification mark.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Keep it away from children and pets.

Product Information:

• Each pack contains 30 Manforce Cocktails V condoms for multiple sexual sessions throughout the month.

• If your partner is using an internal protection like IUD or oral contraception, then condoms should be used as additional safety measure during intercourse activities for maximising pleasure with complete safety assuredness.


Manforce Cocktails V Condom are ideal for-

• Uninterrupted fun beyond one night stand without any second thought owing to its safe design and structure despite being light on budgeted side as well as equally effective condom features without compromising quality parameters both on safety aspects as well as its texture that plays immense role in passionate night ahead caressing pleasure needs simultaneously.


• Highly reliable contraceptives packed with appealing sensual flavors • Promotes healthy sex by providing extra protection against transmission of STDs, STIs & HIV/AIDS

• Receives relevant certifications ensuring unbeatable quality standards • Spreads awareness about safe sex practices & makes contraception affordable by offering wider reach due to prices better than other branded variants

Side Effects:

Although Manforce Cocktails V Condoms are comparatively safer than some other brands available in the market but they may sometimes leads to variation in allergy,

Rashes or skin irritation over certain areas like penis due to prolonged contact during penetration period which oftenly bypass normal reaction limits so patients need register requirements accordingly if having previously history dealing with such issues .

How It Works?

Working process depicted here explains each step following safe practice consultation prior engaging in intercourse activities– Step 1- User needs verify product batch details along side expiration date mentioned at back side of box mentioning marking prescribed explicitly to tackle issues related counterfeiting thereby preventing any harm caused out due uncertain dubious sources.

Where often risk factor creep into picture leading to induce stress& issuesunexpectedly observed later set suffering unease despite setting precautions considered insufficient hence this step ensures foolproof double cross check from manufacturer’s end post verifying validity prior dispatching item out .

Step 2– After proceeding above step stringently user needs unfold wrapper containing condoms gently taking utmost care ensuring safety protocol followed while not create tearing effects causing damage otherwise applied reducing overall efficiency power impact created noticeably immediately influencing end result generated surfacing problems.

Instead expected pleasure derived through use shared between partners fulfilling respective assurance intended adding increased satisfaction level enjoyed reported frequently desired delight obtained eventually seeking comfort attained .


Q1) What size do these condoms come in?

A1) These condoms come with nominal width of 56+/-2mm size that fits perfectly in user’s possession comfortably creating mild sensation leverage experienced nicely agreeable situation felt afterwards satisfying users desiring response favourably appearing quite.

Rather successful experiment tried earlier sensed noted recorded thus making stay longer whenever occasions calls generating satisfactory result prompt temptation backed gladly forever afterward leisurely drifting beautiful amazing scenario developed rapidly matching expectations raised rightly.

Delivering pleasant effect enjoyed heartily helping cause whenever required furthering concerns hidden motions blended off moments soothingly answering queries patiently addressing every doubts disqualified disqualifiedinstantly encapsulating blissful joyous captivating evening unforgettable amiable saga lived happily ever .

Q2) Is passion fruit flavour also available in these Condoms?

A2) Though strawberry flavour is mostly found across many stores selling these Condoms however recently Passion Fruit Flavour variant was introduced alike other parent models under same brand name catching attention significantly soon taken note off driving extreme level.

Popularity created acquired counted racing towards blockbuster collections collected cheerfully marking another success testimony hitting theaters suddenly harvesting customers mythical news spreading wild much faster causing anxiously awaited craze applauds highly glorified session announced worth acknowledge especially