Polybion Active ML Syrup

• Polybion Active ML Syrup, restores lost energy & strength.
• Boosts immunity to fight infections effortlessly.
• Enriched with essential vitamins & minerals.

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Composition Polybion Active ML Syrup

• Each 5 ml contains of Polybion Active ML Syrup contains Vitamin B1- 2mg, Vitamin B2- 4.2 mg, and Vitamin B6- 1.4 mg.
• An excipient- Sodium Benzoate is also present as preservative in the syrup.


• Polybion Active ML Syrup should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat.

Product Information:

• Polybion Active ML Syrup is a vitamin medicine developed by Mankind Pharmaceuticals for treating dietary deficiency.


• This Vitamin B Syrup helps to boost energy levels, improve concentration and alertness, reduce tiredness and fatigue, promote healthy digestion and absorption of food nutrients, boost immune system and protect against illness, promote stronger fingernails, reduce cramps in feet/legs/arms due to poor vitamin absorption and counteract excessive aggression.


• Those suffering from stress or insomnia can benefit from the calming effect of taking this vitamin syrup as it helps to induce sleep naturally.
• People who are anemic or have a low blood count can also take this syrup to help replenish their body with adequate amounts of vitamins needed for regular functioning of their metabolic processes such as respiration & digestion.

Side effects:

• Although there are no known serious side effects of taking Polybion Active ML Syrup, some individuals may experience mild nausea or vomiting after consumption which should be corrected by adjusting dose or consulting with doctor immediately if symptoms persist for more than a couple days.

How it works?

• The vitamins present in the medicine work by boosting energy levels in the body and improving concentration & alertness hence enabling people to stay active throughout the day without feeling too tired or fatigued easily.


Q1) How long does it take for Polybion Active ML Syrup to show its effects?

A1) The effects of this medicine can typically be seen within 2 weeks after first taking it but it may vary depending on your age, medical history etc so consult your doctor for best results!

Q2) Can I drink alcohol while taking Polybion Active ML Syrup?

A2) It is generally not recommended that any medication be taken along with alcohol as they can interfere with each other’s actions so always consult with your physician before doing so!