Razod Capsule

• Razod Capsule: Treats gastroesophageal reflux & heartburn.
• Contains Proton Pump Inhibitor & Aluminium Hydroxide.
• Relief in discomfort of stomach acidity, heartburn, dyspepsia.

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Composition Razod Capsule

Razod capsules are composed of vitamin B complex along with iron, folic acid, zinc and selenium. It is used to treat anemia (deficiency of red blood cells) that occurs due to deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. It helps in the production of red blood cells in the body.

• Storage:

Razod capsules should be stored at a temperature between 68-77°F (20-25°C). Keep away from direct sunlight. Peel off and discard any broken or damaged packaging before use. Do not freeze the capsule.

• Product Information:

Razod capsules contain folic acid, iron, selenium, zinc and other vitamins like B1, B6 and B12 which are essential for producing healthy red blood cells in the body. It also helps protect your body from infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

• Uses:

Razod capsules can help treat anemia due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals which occur due to various reasons like pregnancy or malnutrition.

It helps replenish the levels of essential vitamins and minerals required in producing red blood cells and is used as a dietary supplement by people suffering from anemia or having a weakened immune system due to inadequate levels of vitamins in their diet.

• Benefits:

Razod capsules boost your energy level by providing your body with necessary nutrients required for healthy growth of red blood cells forming hemoglobin which further increases oxygen carrying capacity throughout the body resulting in increased activity level as well as improved mental alertness.

Razod Capsules also reduce fatigue & improve immunity by supplying rich amounts of beneficial micro-nutrients such as folic acid, zinc, iron & selenium that assists in rapid recovery from any infection or illness caused due to depletion of these key elements from our daily diet.

• Side Effects:

While taking Razod Capsules, some mild side effects like stomach upset, diarrhea or headache may occur but they generally diminish over time with regular usage and are usually not serious enough to cause discontinuation of treatment with this medicine.

However it is advised to consult your doctor if you experience any uncomfortable symptoms after taking it for more than a few days.

• How it Work?

The primary working mechanism behind Razod capsule is replenishing your body with essential Vitamin B Complex & other vital micro-nutrients such as iron & zinc

That helps increase production & supply of hemoglobin enabling formation & synthesis of adequate levels Of RBCs (red blood cells) required for optimal circulation throughout the entire human System promoting overall health & wellbeing while reducing fatigue And increasing vitality simultaneously.

• FAQs :

Q1) Is Razad safe during pregnancy?

Yes, Razad is considered safe during pregnancy if taken according to prescribed dosage under Doctor’s advice . However it is still advisable To consult your doctor prior consuming any medication .

Q2) What is the dosage strength?

The recommended dose for adults usually varies between one capsule daily or weekly depending upon individual requirements . It is best To seek professional medical advice regarding specific dosage .