Rejunex CD Tablet

• Rejunex CD Tablet: Treats high BP & angina.
• Uses Telmisartan & Clopidogrel to reduce risk of stroke/heart attack.
• Adverse effect include low BP, drowsiness, muscle pain or weakness.

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• Composition Rejunex CD Tablet

Rejunex CD Tablet contain active ingredients such as Vitamin D3, Calcium Carbonate, Cholecalciferol and Magnesium Hydroxide.

• Storage:

Store the tablet in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight,moisture or heat.

• Product Information:

Rejunex CD Tablet is a combination of two medicines: Vitamin D3 and Calcium Carbonate with Cholecalciferol and Magnesium Hydroxide used to treat low levels of calcium in the blood due to inadequate intake or absorption of calcium from food.

It is mostly used by people with diseases that cause malabsorption of nutrients like celiac disease.

• Uses:

Rejunex CD Tablet helps either supplement dietary calcium intake or increase its absorption into the body. It helps in prevention and treatment of hypocalcemia (low levels of calcium in the blood).

It helps in promoting bone formation, strengthening bones, preventing fractures and works against weakness associated with osteoporosis (bone density reduction due to aging).

• Benefits:

Using Rejunex CD Tablet daily provides essential vitamins for healthy bone growth including Vitamin D3 which facilitates absorption of phosphorous & calcium from intestines & kidneys into the bloodstream;

Calcium Carbonate that serves as a source for base of Calcium for bone metabolism; Cholecalciferol that converts to active form Vitamin D3; Magnesium Hydroxide acts as antacid to treat acid indigestion & upset stomachs too.

All these key ingredients help maintain optimum level of serum calcium within physiological range when dietary intake is inadequate thus aiding healthy bones & teeth.

It also aids joint flexibility & reduces risk of fractures thereby providing an increased quality of life & better physical performance among elderly individuals suffering from Osteoporosis.

By bounding reserves available within tissue rejuvinating cells it plays significant role in wound healing injury repair process by quickening healing time especially among individuals who may have chronic deficiency or conservatives are required following surgical operations post accidents etc .

• Side-effects:

Long term use may lead to kidney stones or reduced intestinal absorption / irritation due presence magnesium compounds which can induce vomiting diarrhoea if taken excessively with reoccurring use occasional constipation occur as well due to excessive use.

There can be decrease in serum phosphate magnesium imbalance leading liver inability which causes deficiency and even damage sometimes skin irritation can occur temporary

St Cristobal’s Syndrome otherwise known as milk vomit syndrome occurs rarer cases along with depletion vital proteins lipids carbohydrates hence exercise caution while dosage .

Majority Side effects directly linked vitamin deficiency however there could be several hidden ones resulting prolonged use excess dosage high toxicity please speak physician before start /stop using this medicine .

• How it works?

The combined actionof Vitamin D3, Calcium Carbonate, Cholecalciferol andMagnesium Hydroxide helps increase the absorptionof dietary calcium into bloodstream helping improvebody’s ability to build strong bones & teeth fo rgood health preventing deficiencies relateddiseases..

It also increases flexibility therebyprotecting joints leading better physicalperformance prevention accidental falls injuriesfractures in old age .


1) What is Rejunex CD tablet?

Answer – Rejunex CD tablet is a combinationmedicine used for treating low levels of calciumin the blood due inadequate dietary intake o rabovement. It contains active ingredients suchas Vitamin D3,

Calcium Carbonate,Cholecalciferol and Magnesium hydroxide thathelp either supplement dietary calcium intakeor increase its absorption into bloodtream thus improving body’s ability tobuild strong bones & teeth protecting itfrom diseases related deficiencies occurringdue lack adequate amounts element darkenour blood .

2)What are benefits takingRejunexCD comprehendly?

Answer – Taking this tablets regularly provideessential vitamins healthy o negrowth Vit amin-D3 important fac ilitating absorptionphosphorous & rateait tissues easier formationinducing balance serum levelssignificantly reducing fracture risksthereby.

Protecting bones during oldagedue multiple mineral composition availableduring long periods optim hat allypreventri al absence declines restoring nutri tivestrengthen ing property preservingmental body shape older individuals oftenstruggling maintain Epstein manage renalprocess friendly way keeping one Feelingactive invincible .