Servil Junior ML Syrup

• Servil Junior ML Syrup: A pediatric syrup for infants and children.
• Primary use for allergenic ailments, febrile conditions, etc.
• Comprises of Paracetamol, Bromhexine & Chlorpheniramine maleate as active ingredients.

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Composition Servil Junior ML Syrup

• Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide IP – 5mg
• Chlorpheniramine Maleate IP – 2mg
• Citric Acid Anhydrous BP – 5 mg.
• Sodium Citrate Anhydrous BP – 30mg
• Sorbitol Solution – 100mg as sweetening agent.
• Methylparaben IP – 0.15% w/v as preservative.
• Propylparaben IP 0.05% w/v as preservative.
• Sucralose USP 1 mg / 5ml As sweetening Agent .


Store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not freeze the product or store above room temperature, otherwise it may stop working or degrade into unusable chemicals in its shelf life period.

Product Information-

Servil Junior ML Syrup is an FDA approved medicinal syrup used to treat colds, coughs and other respiratory tract infections in children aged 1 to 12 years old. This medicine offers relief from common symptoms such as sore throat, body pain, running nose, fever, nasal congestion etc.

with no known side effects when taken according to prescribed dosage standards. It helps maintain respiratory balance and strengthens immunity towards airborne illnesses while being easy on the stomach due to its great taste!


Servil Junior ML Syrup is primarily used to relieve common symptoms caused by colds and flu such as sore throat, congestion; fever; bodypain; running nose; sneezing or general malaise among others in children aged 1 to 12 year old with no known side effects when taken according to prescription dosage standards.

It can also be used for treating upper airway infections including laryngitis, pharyngitis etc., that affect the tone muscles surrounding the lungs and windpipe helping restore normal breathing patterns quickly with long lasting result


The benefits of Servil Junior ML Syrup are numerous On account of its great taste it helps children take their medicine without resistance which helps keep them healthy all year round! Its active ingredients help strengthen immune system against airborne diseases & infections while maintaining a balanced respiratory system within!

The non-drowsy formula ensures that little ones can go about their daily lives without any worries while fighting off pesky colds & flu bugs quickly yet naturally!

Side Effects –

There have been no known side effects reported when administered correctly following prescription dosage instructions given by a physician or caregiver .

However some users have experienced slight dizziness (not longer than one hour) due to antihistamines which acts upon histamine receptors giving relief from chest pain & dyspnea associated with respiratory tract infections .

How it works –

Servil Junior ML Syrup Works mainly by managing symptoms related with inflammation such as reducing nasal swelling so you can breathe freely without obstruction & inhibiting bacterial growth thus allowing your body’s natural defense mechanisms kick in easily preventing further spread of infection for rapid recovery!


1) Q: How do I know this Medicine is safe?

A: Servil Junior ML Syrup is approved by FDA (Food Drug Administration) guidelines hence considered safe for human consumption provided it’s administered according to instructions given by physician or caregiver once you consult certified medical personnel regarding your condition?

2) Q: What age group is this syrup suitable for?

A: This syrup is mainly suitable for children aged between 1-12 year who are prone developing various infections due to weak immunity systems& more susceptible environmental factors such as elevated humidity& temperature levels