Silverex Ionic GM Ointment

• Silverex Ionic GM Ointment: Antimicrobial cream for infected skin.
• Contains Silver ions which help control infection.
• Used to treat wounds, cuts & burns.

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Composition Silverex Ionic GM Ointment

Silver Sulphadiazine IP (1%) w/ w Calendula Extracts IP (50mg/gm) and Tea Tree Oil IP (50mg/gm)


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Product must not be frozen.

Product Information

Silverex Ionic GM Ointment is formulated with natural healing extracts, specially designed to give you relief from minor skin infections.

This ointment contains 1% of the active ingredient Silver Sulphadiazine along with extracts of Calendula and Tea Tree Oil, for added antiseptic effect. It helps soothe pain, inflammation and itchiness due to infections on the skin.


Silverex Ionic GM Ointment is used externally for quick improvements in minor skin infections like eczema, ringworm and acne inflammations etc. It keeps your skin hydrated and provides long lasting relief from soreness, itchy rashes and infection prone areas on the body.


This ointment helps to moisturize the skin area affected by infection and fights bacterial growth simultaneously also providing quick relief from itching, burning sensation or irritation.

It has a natural antioxidant properties which helps reduce scars caused due to acne or any other ailments by protecting superficial damage caused due to microbial activities beneath the surface layer of the skin.

Side Effects

Overuse or contact via eyes may lead to some mild side effects like redness or irritation over the applied area. If these persists please wash off immediately with plenty of water then consult your physician promptly .

How it Works

The antimicrobial action of this ointment is based on its active ingredients which creates a barrier against bacteria growth around infected area which makes it difficult for microbe to thrive further in that area thus helping reducing inflammation gradually .


Q: Is Silverex Ionic GM Ointment safe?

A: Yes, this ointment is generally considered safe if used as directed over infected areas as instructed by your physician as part of treatment regime against minor bacterial infection unless you are allergic towards any components contained in it .

kind advise always take Dermato Pharmacological advice prior using this product for medical condition where creams are prescribed .

Q: What are other alternative treatments available apart from Silverex Ionic GM Ointment ?

A: Depending upon severity Doctor may add topic antibiotics such as Fucidine Cream or Bentione cream at times other forms Oral anti fungal , Corticosteroids etc can be advised depending upon how strong symptoms appear & overall presentation before doctor’s eye .