Superflora GG Sachets

• Superflora GG Sachets: A probiotic with 5 bacterial strains to support digestive health.
• Live bacteria to fight inflammation & promote regularity in gut.
• Contains 3 billion CFU for daily replenishment of friendly bacteria.

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Composition Superflora GG Sachets

• Psyllium husk extract- 7. 5 g
• Kalmegh- 2 g
• roselle- 1 g
• Amla- 1 g

• Keep Superflora GG Sachets in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.
• Do not refrigerate. Replacing the packet after every opening with a new one before storing.

Product Information

• Superflora GG Sachets are an ayurvedic digestive health supplement by All Ayurveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd manufactured in India . It comes in convenient sachets that can be taken mixed with water or as per your taste.


This supplement helps to improve overall wellbeing and maintain optimum digestion. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and reduce bloating associated with indigestion.

It is also beneficial for maintaining good gut bacteria balance that adds more active enzymes to the digestive system thus aiding faster metabolism of food which helps you in absorption of vital nutrients and vitamin from the diet facilitating healthier body functions leading to better physical fitness.


• Helps support optimal digestion, reduce bloating and irregularities in the digestive system (constipation).
• Supports overall physiological health of gastro intestinal tract restoring its normal functioning activities.

• Appropriately balances gut microbiota thereby reducing chances of infection caused due to microbes, minimizing propensity for diarrhea, constipation and other related diseases that affects intestinal health adversely causing considerable discomfort.

Side Effects

No known side effects when consumed as per directions on label; however if taken it excessive amounts may cause abdominal pain, gas or bloating & slow rate of digestion.

So ensure that optimal dosage requirement is met especially when pregnant or nursing women or those who take other medications concurrently as any minor alteration quantum wise could disrupt delicate metabolic mechanisms adversely leading to systemic complications best avoided through precautionary prudence acquired through medical consultation.

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How it works?

Superflora GG Sachets stimulates smooth transit within gastrointestinal tract ensuring cannabinoids intact form bestowing numerous benefits like discouraging parasites triggering inflammation disturbing immune responses actively enhancing bowel movement regularity moderating bowel functions adroitly.

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Q1) How does Superflora GG Sachets help maintain gut microbiota balance?

Ans) SuperFlora GG Sachets contains powerful combination of herbal ingredients like psyllium husk extract, amla, kalmegh & roselle which are known for their anti-bacterial properties helping you restore gut balance by removing toxins from your body related to indigestion.

Thus providing essential fatty acid supplementation needed by your body while regulating bowel movements via smooth transit within gastro intestinal tract complimenting other microbiome advantages efficaciously arresting abnormality along sustenance surface stretching terminologies straight correctly crafting channel comprehensively coughing confines conciliated conductivities cultivating colossal caches immensely! 🙂

Q2) Is there any side effects taking Superflora GG Saches?

Ans) There are No known side effects when consumed as per instructions mentioned on labels but if taken excessively may cause abdominal pain, gas or bloating & slow rate of digestion.

So make sure proper dose recommendation is followed particulary when pregnant , breastfeeding women or taking concurrent medication accordingly preventing systemic complication emergence ensuring timely appropriate medical consultation attainment addressing personal healthcare needs judiciously optimising obtainable advantageous outcomes during episodes distressed .