Vantej GM Toothpaste

❒ Cavity-fighting toothpaste: Vantej GM
❒ Formulated with clove oil, boswellia & tea tree oil
❒ Helps strengthen & protect teeth from bacteria build-up

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Composition Vantej GM Toothpaste

• Glycerin 36%
• Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.76% (w/w)
• Saccharin 0.27% (w/w)
• Flavour0.50% w/w
• Propylene Glycol McK. 671 1 (w/v)


Vantej GM Toothpaste must be stored in cool, dry place at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight to prevent spoilage or product degradation

Product information

Vantej GM Toothpaste is a unique product with superior formulation used for oral hygiene and care with 36 percent glycerin, sodium monofluorophosphate, saccharin, flavour and propylene glycol to prevents disease of teeth & Gums while strengthening teeth reducing bacterial growth in the mouth.

It helps reduce cavities caused by plaque and alcohol consumption with regular use .


Brushing the teeth with Vantej GM Toothpaste will remove germs from mouth ensuring fresh breath for longer period of time.

Furthermore it makes dental hygiene easier & faster providing Proper Care & Protection keeping your Oral Environment Cleaner Fresher & Healthier All Day Long!


Vantej GM Toothpaste is loaded with quality ingredients like Glycerin, Sodium Monofluorophosphate , Saccharin , Flavour& Propylene Glycol which delivers multiple benefits such as cavity protection , combating bad breath.

Reducing plague build up on Teeth , Strengthening Teeth eliminating Tartar Build Up by maintaining PH level inside mouth providing Superior Oral Care making healthier smiles every day !

Side effects

Since Vantej GM toothpaste is made of natural Meethods suitable for all ages and no severe side effects reported from its usage . It is recommended to conduct a patch test before regular use as some tooth paste ingredient may cause Irritation if you have any allergy .

How it works

The active ingredients are released slowly onto the gumline when brushing and their effectiveness increases over time. The combination of fluoride containing compounds such as Sodium Monofluorophosphate actively eliminates plaque , bacteria in mouth.

While strengthening teeth preventing cavities created by Alcohol Consumption or Sugar intake Meanwhile other components like Propylene glycol provides antimicrobial benefits preventing Bacterial Growth protect gums from receding.

Which is one of the early signs of Bad oral hygiene keep your Smile Bright & Healthy through consistent brushing every day!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What are the active Ingredients?

A1:The active Ingredients included in Vantejgm Toothpaste are Glycerine, Sodium Monofloropohosphate Saccharming Flavors and Prpopylene Glycol McK 671 1(WV). People who have allergies should do a skin patch test before using this product regularly.

Q2: Is Vantejgm Toothpaste safe for children?

A2: Yes, it’s safe for children above 2 years old since typhph was specially formulated to help alleviate teething discomfort also its gel texture helps soothe sore gums during teething stages Kids love its pleasant taste gives them happy smiles every day !